The Superior Feng Shui of a Kind Heart

Landscape architect designing backyard garden plan for a villa.

During the design and construction of a lavish three-story villa, a man was advised to consult a feng shui master to make sure everything would be in harmony. (Image: Toa555 via Dreamstime)

Zhao Zihao made a fortune doing business. For his wife and family to enjoy his success, he bought a piece of land in the suburbs and built a lavish three-story villa. During the construction period, Zhao’s friend advised him to find a feng shui master to survey the property and its environment to make sure the house would be in harmony with its surroundings.

The villa had an impressive garden and swimming pool, and a century-old lychee tree in the backyard. Zhao’s wife liked eating lychees and he bought the land because of the lychee tree.  

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Zhao made a trip to Hong Kong to consult with an eminent feng shui master. Master Cao had been in the profession for more than 30 years and was very famous in feng shui circles. Zhao drove Master Cao to the villa.

Yield right of way 

On their way to the villa, Zhao yielded to all the vehicles that wanted to pass him.

Master Cao smiled and commented: “You are a steady driver.” 

Zhao laughed: “Those who want to pass me most likely have pressing issues so I don’t want to hold them up.” 

On their way to the villa, Zhao yielded to all the vehicles that wanted to pass him, surprising the feng shui master.
On their way to the villa, Zhao yielded to all the vehicles that wanted to pass him. (Image: Maryna Konoplytska via Dreamstime)

Use discernment 

They drove through a small town. Zhao stopped the car when he saw a child rush out of an alley onto the road, laughing and running. Zhao didn’t step on the gas pedal after the child was gone. Instead, he looked at the alley entrance, as if waiting for something to happen. Another child ran out of the alley shortly afterward, chasing after the first child. 

Astounded, Master Cao asked: “How did you know a second child was going to run out of the alley?” 

Zhao shrugged his shoulders: “Kids like to chase and hit each other. A child playing alone wouldn’t laugh so wholeheartedly.” 

Master Cao gave Zhao a thumbs up: “You are very perceptive.” 

Use wisdom rather than punishment  

They arrived at the villa, and as soon as they got out of the car, they saw eight birds flying up from the backyard. Zhao stopped at the entrance and apologized: “Please wait here for a moment.” 

“Is there a problem?” asked Master Cao. 

“I bet there’s a kid stealing lychee in the backyard. If we walk in now, he will panic, and I don’t want him to fall off the tree,” Zhao said with a smile. 

Master Cao was surprised again.

A pile of fresh lychees.
The man didn’t want to frighten the kid in the lychee tree. (Image: Anankkml via Dreamstime)

An outstanding character leads to outstanding feng shui

After a moment of silence, Master Cao said: “I don’t need to look at the feng shui of this place.” 

This time it was Zhao’s turn to be surprised: “Why do you say that?” 

“The feng shui is auspicious wherever you are,” said Master Cao. 

When we put others’ happiness and interest before ours, others will benefit and so will we! 

A person with an outstanding character brings glory wherever he sets foot. The greatest feng shui is in one’s heart.

Translated by Elaine

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