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Are the Earth’s Magnetic Poles Truly Flipping?

It appears the Earth’s magnetic poles are changing. At the beginning of March 2021, K2 Airlines pilot Kris Pam was flying over Murdoch Glacier and found that it was flowing, with a large number of newly formed cracks visible. It looked like the entire glacier was being torn apart. He was quite shocked and took a number of pictures with his phone. At the end of this same month, geologist Chad Hults took a helicopter to install measuring instruments on the Murdoch Glacier. He was stunned to find the entire glacier broken up so that he couldn’t even land on it and the sound of it surging was greater than the helicopter’s engine noise.

On April 12, 2021, some shocking news broke out. The Muldrow Glacier, located on the north side of Denali Mountain, was also found to be experiencing a rare shift, moving 27 meters a day, 100 times faster than the normal speed.  

Scientists say the cause of the glaciers melting may not be due to global warming, but rather due to the change of the Earth’s magnetic poles, which could have disastrous consequences.

The protective layer of life on Earth: The magnetic field

Human beings living on Earth can enjoy the blue sky and sunshine and breathe fresh air because of the earth’s atmosphere. This atmosphere is a magnetic field in space, also called the magnetosphere. How important is this magnetosphere? 

The magnetosphere is an important protective layer of the Earth’s biosphere. Without it, human beings would not be able to survive on Earth. Magnetic fields can help us determine directions on the Earth. 

A magnetic compass indication the right direction of the earth`s north pole.
Magnetic fields can not only help us determine directions on Earth, but they also serve as an important protective layer of the Earth’s biosphere. (Image: Juan Fernando Velez Melguizo via Dreamstime)

If the north and south poles of the geomagnetic field are reversed, this is similar to the Earth having a heart attack, that is, the heart rate is disturbed. Everyone knows what heart disease means to human health, and the same is true for the Earth. In this way, is the reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles more reliably destructive and more terrifying than a predicted war or the end of the world being brought about by the pandemic?

This phenomenon is happening now.

Geomagnetic reversal and mass extinction

Daniel Baker, director of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado Boulder, stated in a report: “The Earth’s magnetic field flips every 200,000 to 300,000 years, but the last time it flipped was 780,000 years ago, so we have far exceeded the time for a reversal. The Earth’s magnetic field has been weakened by 15 percent over the last 200 years. This may indicate that the north and south poles of the Earth are about to flip, which may cause an ecological catastrophe. From the data displayed by the satellites of the European Space Agency monitoring the Earth’s magnetic field, the Earth’s core magnetic field is changing, and the liquid iron and nickel in the Earth’s core is being expelled. This is evidence of the instability of the Earth’s core.”

A 3D rendering of Earth's core, the inner structure with geological layers.
Data from the European Space Agency indicates that the liquid iron and nickel in the Earth’s core is being expelled. (Image: Pavel Chagochkin via Dreamstime)

Baker also said: “If the geomagnetism continues to weaken, the solar wind may rush into the earth’s ozone layer. Not only will it harm the global electronic communication system and circuit equipment, but it will also affect the weather and increase the risk of human cancer. Some areas on the earth will become uninhabitable in the process.”

The unsolved mystery of the inversion of the Earth’s magnetic poles

In March 2021, Science magazine published a new report. Studies have pointed out that during the reversal of the geomagnetic field, due to the weakening of the magnetic field, the ozone in the atmosphere will decrease, and the oxygen content of the atmosphere will decrease, leading to a dramatic change in the global climate and causing the extinction of species. 

In the last 150 years, the intensity of geomagnetism has dropped by 15 percent. There are also geomagnetic anomalies in the South Atlantic Ocean. The weakening of the magnetic field is as high as 35 percent, causing artificial satellites passing through this area to function abnormally due to the influence of charged particles from the Sun.

What would happen if the Earth completely loses its magnetic field?

If the Earth’s magnetic field disappears, compasses will no longer point north and south. Without a magnetic field, birds would stop their seasonal migrations. They use the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate, just as do turtles, bees, and lobsters. If the migratory birds do not know where to fly, they may not survive the winter.

Thousands of migrating Snow Geese fly from a field in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA.
If migratory birds do not know where to fly, they may not survive the winter. (Image: Delmas Lehman via Dreamstime)

If the magnetic field disappears, cosmic rays will bombard our bodies, causing serious diseases such as cancer, and even change our DNA. We would also lose control of satellites, which could be damaged by solar storms. Without the magnetosphere, power grids, computers, and other electronic devices will not be protected.

Scientists are currently launching more satellites to better understand the earth’s magnetic field.

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