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Stop Wasting Time on These Things Immediately

Knowingly or unwittingly, we waste time doing things that we could very well evade doing. Indulging in certain acts eventually leads to wasting time. If you have decided to give up on wasting time on bad habits, then you should pat yourself on the back. You are one step away from achieving a healthier and happier life. However, it is not enough to just get rid of unproductive habits but you need to replace them with productive ones. 

Here is a comprehensive list of methods that will not only add to your personal growth but also help you evade doing time-wasting acts.

Making excuses for not indulging in new activities

We get it, you have a hectic schedule, the boss is being hard, and you have those unreasonable demands to meet. However, there are 24 hours in a day. Spend that time learning something new instead of creating excuses. So replace your excuses with the willpower to learn and get things done faster.

Clueless as to what to do with your free time

This is perhaps one of the worst habits that any human being can have. If you take a look around and study certain successful people you will see that they have a plan chalked out from before. So, spend your time creating a blueprint on how you want your day to go and how you can get the best out of it.

People tend to end up wasting time by getting caught up in the eternal race of trying to earn more money.
People tend to get caught up in the eternal race of trying to earn more money. (Image: via Pixabay)

Placing too much importance on money

This is a common habit that most people fall into. People tend to get caught up in the eternal race of trying to earn more money and end up choking their happiness at the throat and you are no exception. Make a list of activities that you would like to do that do not involve earning money and start indulging in them one by one.

Wasting time with toxic people

This is one habit that can destroy your state of mind completely. Toxic people are like a pack of cigarettes, all smoke, and no nutrition. They love to put you down because it makes them feel so good about themselves. Cut your ties with them immediately; you do not need to associate with people like these as they implant negativity within you. It does not matter if it amounts to cutting ties with some relatives, too — your peace of mind matters the most. Study your close friends very carefully and do away with the negative-minded people who pretend to be your friends.

Holding on to the past

So you had a bad experience in the past. It is the same with others, too. That does not mean you should hold on to it. Learn from it and move on. Do not let a bad experience dominate your thought process as it will hamper your life in the present. Instead, spend your time thinking about how you can build a better and secure future for yourself. You cannot go back in time and undo what has happened, but you can certainly build a good future.

Watching electronic devices right before you go to sleep is a very bad habit indeed. (Image: MinervaStudio via Dreamstime)

On the computer or phone until late at night

Watching electronic devices right before you go to sleep is a very bad habit indeed. Scientific research has proven that the blue light emitted by these devices causes disturbances in your sleep pattern. Try taking a warm bath before your bedtime and read a book instead.

Paying too much attention to other people’s opinions

You must remember that people are always going to have stupid opinions about and yes it is hard to ignore them all the time. Dwelling on stupid things that people tell you can harm your daily activities. So look at it this way. Just do not pay attention to stupid opinions from people who you would never seek advice from. Just focus on making your life better —slowly and steadily.

Wrapping up

These are the things that you should give up if you do not wish to waste time. It will not be easy changing your lifestyle all of a sudden, but it is not impossible either. Start by identifying all the non-productive activities that you do. Once you do that, it is a clear road ahead for you.

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Raven Montmorency
Raven Montmorency is a pen name used for a writer based in India. She has been writing with her main focus on Lifestyle and human rights issues around the world.

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