Buy ‘Made in America’ This Black Friday With Amazing Website Cultivate

View of a sales ad on a tablet device that offers 50 percent off for purchases made on Black Friday.

With Black Friday coming up, the Cultivate website offers people a way to find 'Made in America' products so they can support local businesses. (Image: Rawpixelimages via Dreamstime)

Cultivate is a new website where you can find “Made in America” products. With COVID, international trade has been hit drastically. Businesses have come to a standstill in the U.S. and in almost all other countries of the world due to this pandemic situation. And sadly but truly, the fact of America’s dependence on outsourced products and supply chains has come to the forefront. A lot of U.S. consumers are now left with no other choice than to buy products made by Chinese brands. The reality is the U.S. government has already blacklisted a number of Chinese manufacturers, especially those making gadgets and technology stuff for privacy issues.


The company was established with a mission of helping businesses in the U.S. that make different kinds of products locally. With this initiative, it is possible to generate more sales, lead to economic growth at local levels, and most importantly, create small but consistent job opportunities for friends, family, and neighbors. The company is also an excellent platform for the growth of small and medium-sized companies.

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The company Cultivate was established with a mission of helping businesses in the U.S.
The company ‘Cultivate’ was established with a mission of helping businesses in the U.S. (Image: Zerbor via Dreamstime)

Talking about Cultivate

With support from Mark Cuban, Cultivate launched as a small startup. With this highly effective and useful tool, you can find different products that are “Made in America.” There are two facets of Cultivate.

Firstly, Cultivate has its official website where you can look for the products you want. Its product range is vast and options are abundant. On searching, you will be shown results for items that are made in the U.S., which you can purchase online at Amazon.

Secondly, you can install a plug-in for your browser (Google Chrome) and it will automatically reflect similar kinds of items matching with your search item for sale on Amazon.

When you are installing a Chrome plug-in on any website and searching for a particular item, Cultivate will display results on Amazon for the different U.S. companies manufacturing that specific item. You have to simply tap the small icon on Chrome and get the results displayed conveniently.

The sale that is done via this platform helps Cultivate in getting a good affiliate commission. However, buyers don’t have to pay any extra charge. According to the official website, they verify and make sure that “Made in America” claims are true and only then add the products to the database. They say: “Our processes are built to due diligence on various databases and sources in order to verify that claims are, in fact, correct. We use a mix of technological and manual research to build our proprietary product catalog from which our users see locally made products.”

So this time when you do your Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping online, go to no other place than Cultivate and get the best “Made in USA” products at the best rates. This way you will be able to avoid buying Chinese-origin products.

A woman sits at her laptop with a credit card in her hand.
The Cultivate website can help you find ‘Made in America’ products to buy online. (Image: Schantalao via Dreamstime)

Shopping for products Made in the US via Cultivate

  • From Google Chrome, go to the Cultivate website.
  • Now tap on the “Add to Chrome” button.
  • You will be directed to the Chrome Web Store, where you have to click “Add to Chrome” again.
  • Now click “Add Extension.”
  • Now, in the top right corner of the Chrome browser, you will see a small icon of a puzzle piece. Tap on that icon.
  • Next to Cultivate, you will find a pin icon. Click on the pin icon so that Cultivate remains pinned in the browser and appears when needed.

It is as simple as that!

Based in the U.S., if you do your maximum shopping online for “Made in America” products, there is no better place than Cultivate.

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