The World’s Largest Bird Sculpture is Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful

Giant sculted eagle on its back.

The center of attraction in the park is undoubtedly the stunning sculpture of Jatayu, a mythical bird described in epic 'Ramayana.' (Image: via Wikipedia)

Have you always been fascinated by birds and especially the sculpture of birds? If yes, then you cannot miss seeing the amazing Jatayu Earth’s Center. Located at Chadayamangalam in Kerala, India, the center boasts the largest bird sculpture in the world.

The park, located approximately 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the town of Thiruvananthapuram, blends diverse elements like adventure, culture, technology, mythology, and art beautifully. Even if you are not much into sculptures or exploring mythology, the place is worth a visit for its natural beauty and serenity. 

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A theme park with the world’s largest bird sculpture

The center of attraction in the park is undoubtedly the stunning bird sculpture of Jatayu, a mythical bird described in the epic Ramayana. The bird died after fighting a long battle with the demon king Ravana when he was kidnapping Sita. Jatayu fought bravely but failed to stop the demon king from running away with Sita in his magical chariot. The bird fell on the rocks after sustaining a heavy injury to its wing.

The gigantic bird sculpture is based on Jatayu from the epic 'Ramayana.'
Ravana cuts Jatayu’s wings, by Raja Ravi Varma. (Image: via Wikipedia)

The theme park was designed by the movie director and sculptor Rajiv Anchal and was established in 2017. The artisans who helped to create the bird statue took 10 years to complete the project. The bird sculpture is 70 feet tall, 150 feet wide, and 200 feet long.

Visitors are amazed by the attention to detail in the concrete statue, including the layered feathers. Interestingly, the wings are placed on the ground so you can use them to walk to the top of the bird sculpture without difficulty. You can also go inside the statue as the bird’s body serves as the Jatayu Earth Center’s roof.

How to get there

Reaching the Jatayu Earth’s Center isn’t difficult, even if you have not been to Kerala before. The place is well connected with the major cities in the southern Indian state. The nearest railway station is located at Kollam, while the Trivandrum International Airport is about 51 kilometers away. From the airport, you can take a cab to reach the theme park. Cabs are also available at the Kollam rail station.

Reaching the Jatayu Earth’s Center Nature Park isn’t difficult, even if you have not been to Kerala before. (Image: via Jatayu Earth’s Center Nature Park)

Things that you can do

There are four hills, spread out in Jatayu Park, and in each, you will find different attractions and activities. The first of these is the Jatayu Rock Hill, which contains the bird statue symbolizing women’s safety and honor. There is an audio-visual museum inside the body of the statue and a mini theatre. The Adventure Rock Hill is meant for thrill-seeking visitors. The Elephant Rock Hill is ideal for those who want to stay in the region for a day or more. There are options for a live kitchen and moon-lit dinner as well. The 4th hill features a retreat in a natural setting. 

The park’s ideology

The theme park is not only about natural beauty and adventure activities. The park also focuses on the need to preserve the environment and it generates energy from solar power to drive home this point. The massive sculpture is there to draw attention to the safety of women. It also shows the harmony between the animal kingdom and human beings. 

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