How Awesome Are These Livable Car-Designed Pontoon Boats?

The VW bus converted to a pontoon boat as designed by Lazzarini Design.

If you've ever dreamed of living in a van down by the river, now's your chance! (Image: via Lazzarini Design)

There are people who love the idea of living in a camper van and exploring places without giving up on their amenities. While you can buy camper vans, it is not commonplace to come across pontoon boats shaped like vans that can float on the water. Have you ever desired to get a boat designed in a way that resembles a car model of your choice? What about a VW-styled boat? If it sounds like a page out of a fantasy book, the reality is that it is not a fantasy anymore. An Italian company named Lazzarini Design has come up with a unique concept — that of designing pontoon boats shaped like popular cars. And you will be able to place an order for a boat with the top of a VW van!

Pontoon boats that look like cars

The renderings of pontoon boats with the tops of VW buses look amazing. The architect behind this innovative idea is automotive designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini. He has experience in the aerospace industry and architecture. Floating Motors is his brainchild and through it, he wants to redesign classic cars and transform these into functional water vehicles. The boats are made with fiberglass, and a motor and a floating hull are used as well. The company says: “We strictly respect the original car model proportions and sizes, applying the most modern nautical techniques for the floating hull (catamaran, conventional or foil), and delivering an exceptional quality concerning construction materials and applied technology, for the longest durability into harsh condition.”

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Three classic cars converted into pontoon boats by Lazzarini Design.
Lazzarini wants to redesign classic cars and transform them into functional water vehicles. (Image: Lazzarini Design)

The VW van boat is the water companion of the VW van — which is a favorite with nomadic lifestyle lovers. It can serve as a practical yet amenity-laden houseboat. The water vehicle is ideal for people who want to spend time on lakes and artificial water bodies amid luxury and who love to indulge in swimming and water sports too. The company however is in its early stage and so you will have to wait for some time to get access to the water vehicles. You can pre-order the La Dolce, with a price tag of US$35,000. Lazzarini has started a crowdfunding campaign. Those who contribute are going to be given a discount and there are other goodies in-store as well.

The VW van boat is not for everyone, for sure. However, those who buy it will be able to use it in a number of ways. Why are these pontoon boats better than ordinary boats? Well, it is so versatile and you can spend an entire day or more in it without hassles. The roof of the boat is fitted with a wooden deck. You can enjoy sunbathing on top and when the temperature becomes too cool for you, just get inside the van and sleep or read something! You may also like the idea of jumping into the water from the van roof for some added fun. 

The VW bus converted to a pontoon boat as designed by Lazzarini Design showing the interior.
The roof of the boat is fitted with a wooden deck for sunbathing. (Image: Lazzarini Design)

The interior of the van is made with waterproof materials and so you may just climb back wet without woes. What if you feel hungry after swimming? There is nothing to worry about as the boat van has a stove set inside. The price of the VW boat is not yet known. However, it may very well be priced at around US$200,000 and you may have to shell out a hefty amount to pre-book it as well.

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