7 Ways to Tell If a Friend Is Trustworthy

Two men shake hands while a group of people stand and watch.

A handshake can be used for a greeting, congratulating, parting, expressing gratitude, or concluding an agreement or sporting event. (Image: Andrey Popov via Dreamstime)

As the saying goes: “Rely on parents at home and friends when going out.”  Good friends have many positive effects on you, but identifying good friends is a life lesson. So how can you tell who is a trustworthy friend? 

7 small ways to tell if a friend is trustworthy

1. Eyes 

If a person is open-hearted and honest, you will see it in their eyes. When speaking to each other, pay attention to the other person’s eyes. If the person’s eyes wander about and do not look at yours, then this person’s character is problematic, and you should be careful when dealing with them. 

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2. Words 

If a person likes to gossip about others and reveal others’ secrets, you should keep a distance from them because they would do the same to you. 

If someone likes to spread gossip about others, you can be sure they will not be trustworthy.
If someone likes to spread gossip about others, you can be sure they will do the same to you. (Image: Aniram via Dreamstime)

3. Attire 

A person’s attire, including shoes and hairstyle, can tell you a lot about their personality. The brand of the apparel is not essential, but their clothing must be clean and tidy. A person who cares about neat appearance is generally self-possessed. 

4. Punctuality 

Punctuality represents the importance a person places on his appointments and the value of other people’s time. These are fundamental requirements of professionalism and a sign of responsibility for his reputation. 

5. Humility 

The more capable people are, the more modest and low-key they tend to be. These people believe that their talent will make them successful. Boastful people will find it difficult to have long-term friendships because they are superficially clever. 

Seated woman with glasses smiles as two standing people talk together in the background.
The more capable people are, the more modest and low-key they tend to be. (Image: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz via Dreamstime)

6. Principle 

“A noble person loves money and earns it nobly.” Trustworthy friends have a moral bottom line. They would only be willing to do what is right and not do what is wrong. On the other hand, unethical people will do everything to benefit themselves at others’ expense. 

7. Responsibility 

People who like to complain and point fingers at others will not take responsibility and can’t be trusted with any duties. They view any mistakes as being the fault of others, but success is all theirs. Only those who do not make excuses when encountering difficulties and who are brave enough to bear up under them are worthy of sharing weals and woes. 

Translated by Eva and edited by Angela M.

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