Follow These 20 Tips to Live a Happy and Long Life

Happy woman in a sunhat with outstretched arms and her back to the camera standing in a field of flowers.

We have compiled a list of 20 tips that may hold the key to living a long and happy life! (Image: Dmitry Sunagatov via Dreamstime)

These findings on various health issues have been compiled from authorities around the world. They may hold the key to living a long life!

20 tips for living a long life

1. Singing

U.S. gerontological studies have found that opera singers have a more active cardiovascular system. So sing — it will prolong your life.

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2. Running

A study published in the New York Times found that people who ran daily can add an extra three years to their lives. Even running for just five minutes a day can result in tremendous health benefits.

3. Don’t sit still for too long

Sitting still for long periods, especially for the elderly, is very bad for you. The British Medical Journal published a study that showed sitting for more than three hours a day can reduce life expectancy by two years.

If you want to live a long life, don't sit still for long periods, especially if you are elderly.
Sitting still for long periods, especially for the elderly, is very bad for you. (Image: Mark Hunt via Dreamstime)

4. Eat more ginger

Studies have shown that ginger is a strong anti-oxidant that can prevent various diseases.

5. Reduce calorie intake

According to studies conducted by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, reducing calorie intake not only slows down aging but also drastically lowers the rate of getting gerontological diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

6. Eat more green leaves

Studies from both the east and west show that carotene and lutein in green vegetables can prevent osteoporosis.

Friends hugging after meeting each other in the street.
According to The Huffington Post in the U.S., hugging can reduce your blood pressure and is good for the heart. (Image: Antonio Guillem via Dreamstime)

7. Hugging

According to The Huffington Post in the U.S., hugging can reduce your blood pressure and is good for the heart.

8. Eat more cauliflower

American scientists recently found that cauliflower can prevent cancer. What’s more, it can clear away the harmful germs in the lungs.

9. Sleep well

Studies by the University of Chicago state that bad sleep quality increases the chance of getting cancer.

10. Stay happy

Researchers from Edinburgh University analyzed data from 70,000 people and concluded that people with low-level anxiety have a 29 percent increased chance of dying from heart disease.

Adding sugar with a spoon.
The death rate from cardiovascular disease is closely linked to the level of sugar intake. (Image: Stocksnapper via Dreamstime)

11. Consume less sugar

The Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine recently published that the death rate from cardiovascular disease is closely linked to the level of sugar intake.

12. Keep calm

Researchers from Harvard University found that people with a short temper are five times more likely to have a heart attack and three times more likely to have a stroke within two hours of losing their temper.

13. Drink more tea

MIT researchers find that tea can lower the risk of coronary artery disease and stroke. It also slows the process of aging.

14. Eat an apple

The saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is true.

15. Watch less TV

Australian studies have shown that watching TV for an hour a day can increase the risk of getting cardiovascular disease by 18 percent.

Young guy doing a funny dance move in the kitchen.
According to the University of Stirling in the UK, dancing can increase blood circulation. (Image: Silverblack via Dreamstime)

16. Dancing

According to the University of Stirling in the U.K., dancing can increase blood circulation. The increased blood supply to the brain can help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

17. Eat more garlic

Studies carried out by the Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Institute found that the active ingredients in garlic can reduce atherosclerosis, coronary artery blockage, and cholesterol levels. It helps to regulate blood sugar levels and prevents cerebral thrombosis and cancer.

18. Eat more nuts

Australian researchers have found that a daily intake of nuts can reduce the chance of getting heart disease by 29 percent and cancer by 11 percent, effectively reducing the death rate.

19. Take care of your teeth

Swedish scientists have found that gingivitis is closely related to arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

20. Laugh

Japanese studies show that laughter can reduce blood pressure.

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