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Could You Be Autistic and Not Even Know It?

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication. According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 1 in 54 children in the United States today is autistic.

However, it is quite alarming to know that you or a loved one could be autistic and not even know it. Well, there are certain indications, which might be a signal that you or a loved one have autistic traits.

It is quite alarming to know that you or a loved one could be autistic and not even know it.
It is quite alarming to know that you or a loved one could be autistic and not even know it. (Image: Zurijeta via Dreamstime)

Here are some of the most common traits of being autistic

  • You are committed to a routine. There are some people who have strict routines and if that gets hampered or altered, it becomes highly disturbing for them and might ruin their day. Autism and routine mania go hand in hand. 
  • If you have very few friends and they are very close, or you can’t make many friends and avoid people. 
  • If you have some categorical strengths. You might have an extraordinary level of achievement, in particular one thing. You might be very strong in one subject and very poor in another. This difference might be an indication of autism. This indication can be tested in work settings, academic settings, etc. If you are the quickest person to answer any question even before completion of the question, you might have autistic traits. Another autistic superpower is really quick recall. 
  • Knowing too much about a specific topic. The topic can be something general to something really difficult. But you just study and gather as much knowledge as possible about the subject. 
  • If you are considered rude and you have no idea why. You are just trying to be honest and true and not mean or critical and people might think you to be rude, but you are not. This is more applicable for women who might be autistic, but do not realize it. As a girl, if you are considered shy, quirky, and odd, these might quieten you and make you introverted and solemn. You might also like to keep to yourself, thinking that you are truly odd.
There are certain indications, which might be a signal that you or a loved one have autistic traits. (Image: Skypixel via Dreamstime)
  • If you have to pre-plan or overthink every single time you are in such a situation. For others, this might be a simple thing and they can manage things comfortably without taking stress. For you, it takes a lot of work and effort to manage the situation.
  • Sensory overload. Some senses bother you more than they do other people. Some sounds, smells, sights, and senses might bother you terribly and you might be really irritated by that. You might carry out repetitive actions or movements, which might not look normal. However, sometimes it is self-stimulating behavior and also fun. People with autism tend to be fidgety and keep on doing something or other with their hands, feet, etc. 
  • You might feel that you are speaking in a foreign language or hearing a foreign language like you are the only one who is carrying on a conversation with someone with precision and detail. This is a clear autistic trait. When your natural language seems foreign to others, it might be a sign of autism. You might also feel that the other person speaks the same language as you, you tend to get through the mind of the other person easily, etc. Chances are high that both of you might be autistic without realizing it.
  • If you feel differently than others, you might just be autistic without knowing. You will take a longer time than usual to process or reflect on feelings. It is like a delayed response in many cases or extremely quick and spontaneous reactions in many cases. 
  • You might be the only one to get it or the only one to not get it. If this happens quite frequently with you, you have a high chance of being autistic. 
  • There is someone in the family with autism, whether you know it or not. 

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