Omnec Onec: Ambassador From Venus

The planet Venus.

Omnec claims to have originated from Venus, and has come to Earth to help humanity. (Image: @MediaWhale via Twenty20)

Omnec Onec was born on the astral level of the planet Venus and came to Earth with her own physical body in 1955. In the 1990s, she became publicly known with her autobiography From Venus I Came.

In 1992, Dr. John Gray, an American psychologist wrote a book called Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. The book instantly became a best-seller, reaching millions eager to learn just how different men and women are.

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Dr. Gray’s guide for happier relationships painted the vastly different psyche of the 2 genders… and yes, the male and female brains might as well come from different planets when it comes to their psychology. No gender neutrality for Martians and Venetians.

But, jokes aside, the following did happen. In 2004, Russian newspaper Pravda published news of a local 7-year-old boy, Boris Kipriyanovich, who might have been a Martian in a previous life.

Boris was born in a remote rural hospital in the Russian town of Volzsky. He told his parents that in his previous life he was a Martian living on Mars and that he could describe very clearly many details and happenings on Mars.

Sounds… well, a little far-fetched? Perhaps, but when he communicated with world-renowned scientists in related fields, he made some amazing remarks that got their attention. 

In 2004, Russian newspaper Pravda published news of a local 7-year-old boy, Boris Kipriyanovich, who might have been a Martian in a previous life. (Image: martinholverda via Envato Elements)

Even Stephen Hawking, the greatest physicist of the 21st century, has commented that whether or not the boy from Mars is actually from Mars, his comments and astronomical knowledge are beyond Hawking’s wildest imagination, and Hawking says he’s not the only scientist who thinks so.

Omnec from Venus

Just as the boy from Mars was slowly disappearing from attention, in 2014, at the International UFO Conference in Norway, one speaker stood out, an American woman named Omnec Omec. Now, her story, while some may say it is hard to believe, deserves attention nevertheless. Even for the toughest skeptic, at least some of her claims carry logic. 

Omnec claims to have originated from Venus and has come to Earth to help humanity. Based on what she said, scientists found that many long-unexplained phenomena seemed to have a reasonable explanation.

As far as we all know, Venus is a barren place with no sign of life.

Today we will follow the memories and experiences of Omnec, the girl from Venus, to learn about the mysteries of the universe and life beyond Earth.

Omnec came to Earth from Venus in the 1960s, during an era of frequent UFO incidents on Earth.

Omnec looked like a 7-year-old at that time, but she said, based on Earth’s age, she was already 130 years old. According to her, however, 130 years old is not that old, because the general life expectancy of people from Venus is about 500 years.

Omnec claims to have originated from Venus and to have come to Earth to help humanity. (Image: via

After she came to Earth, she first learned how to adapt to Earth’s living environment in a very secretive temple in Tibet.

Omnec says that now, in addition to extra-terrestrial beings from Venus, there are also extra-terrestrial beings on Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. These aliens came to our solar system from four different galaxies a long, long time ago, before there was even an Earth in our solar system. They came to our solar system because there was a spiritual master in the universe who wanted to infuse human life into our solar system.

Omnec said that with the development of civilization, most beings on Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars have evolved from the material dimension to the astral dimension invisible to modern humans, but some beings are not willing to give up their original material dimension.

After the birth of Earth, which was in the material dimension state, those extraterrestrial beings who were not willing to be in the astral dimension came to Earth, and the beings from these four planets are the ancestors of today’s human beings. Caucasians are from Venus, Asians from Mars, Aethiopians are from Jupiter, and Americans are from Saturn.

So according to Omnec, all humans on Earth are aliens. But humans have lost at least two abilities that they originally had. One is telepathy and the other is past life memory.

If we believe Omnec’s words, then we know at least two things. One is that the origin of mankind is not from Earth, but from another planet.

The second thing is that aliens live in the astral dimension, they have invisible human bodies, but they can telepathically communicate and remember past lives. Only humans live in the material dimension and have lost the ability to communicate telepathically and remember past lives.

So why exactly have humans lost these skills?

Omnec says that these new aliens have come to an understanding with those at the top of the human hierarchy, those with vested interests, that they want to control humanity forever so that they can consolidate the power they value most. If each one of us has telepathic abilities, then we cannot effectively monitor humans.

According to Omnec, every human being, including aliens, has a soul in existence. The soul is very pure energy and is the greatest part of the Creator. Although the physical body will die, the soul is immortal. Everyone can experience the meaning of life in the limited time of the physical body, learn through pleasure and pain, and what you have practiced in this life, you do not have to experience again in the next life. Until one day, when you have completed all the lessons, you can choose whether you want to continue to be human or leave this dimension to enter a higher dimension.

Religious people connect with Omnec’s statements

Religions emphasize the existence of the soul and the afterlife, and generations later, people can see in different religious stories that once upon a time, mortal people become saints after continuous cultivation. Even the phenomenon of rainbow body transformation in Tibetan Buddhism means that some high priests can leave the material world after turning into a ray of light.

To control the human race, the aliens have changed the human genetic code, splitting the human brain into two halves, blocking past life memories and telepathic abilities. But before doing so, they would save the historical memory and wisdom of human beings in advance.

And the best memories of humanity, at the choice of the aliens, were made available to some of the top elites to keep in their possession.

According to the girl from Venus, Boris, the boy who claimed to come from Mars in his previous life can now be explained reasonably.

Two trees in sillhoute against a colorful night sky.
Religions emphasize the existence of the soul and the afterlife, and generations later, people can see in different religious stories that once upon a time, mortal people become saints after continuous cultivation. (Image: Denis Belitskiy via Dreamstime)

The astral dimension

Omnec says that on Venus, besides having people from Venus, their world has flowers and animals just like Earth. Because their world has now been elevated to the astral dimension, that’s why humans can’t see it. And the reason why they can’t see it is because the vibration frequency of the astral dimension is higher than the material dimension of Earth.

We can understand in this way: The human eye can only see the frequency of electromagnetic waves between 400 hertz and 790 hertz. Once beyond this range, humans will not be able to see.

Omnec said that because of the special frequency in which the aliens live, they will draw energy directly from the universe and do not need to eat. They will become pregnant and give birth as well, only they will be pregnant for a longer period than humans. Omnec still remembers very clearly when she was in her mother’s womb. In addition, the people from Venus have hearts that beat faster than the people on Earth.

Omnec said that because the frequency of the Earth is different from that of the extra-terrestrial beings, these beings had to go through a process of lowering their body vibration frequency before coming to Earth so that their physical bodies could be revealed. When the physical body is revealed, they will board a spaceship to Tibet. This spaceship is what we commonly see as the flying saucer.

Omnec also specifically introduced the principle of how the flying saucer operates; the flying saucer uses the principle of magnetic force to fly, which is very clean energy. In addition, generally, humans are unable to see the flying saucer, the reason is also related to the vibration frequency. Just like when the electric fan is running at high speed, we can’t see the original appearance of the blades, it’s the same for the flying saucer, only when the flying saucer reduces its frequency, we will see it.

After studying in Tibet, Omnec was sent to Tennessee to replace a little girl who had just passed away in a car accident. The replacement mentioned here is not a re-dressing of her appearance, but a replacement of the identity of the little girl, who was raised by her grandmother since childhood, and they live in a very remote place, so not many people know about this story.

Waiting for the right time to come

For the next 35 years, Omnec lived a low-profile, ordinary life, waiting for the right time to come.

Finally, in 1995, she was informed that it was time to tell people about her mission, which was to awaken humanity by telling them about the history that had been erased.

Omnec said that human beings live in the material dimension, but with the development of the material civilization to a certain stage, it is likely that humans are heading toward a path of extinction as our mental dimension is not elevated at the same time. If mankind knows the truth and keeps on elevating the mental dimension while making advancements in technology, then mankind can stop the impending destruction.

Omnec said that human beings live in the material dimension. (Image: via Pixabay)

According to scientists, Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun, its surface temperature is as high as 475°C, and its atmosphere is filled with many sulfuric acid clouds, which is quite unsuitable for the development of life.

But just recently, scientists around the world have been saying that 3 billion years ago, Venus was a water-filled planet like Earth. It was not until recently, 700 million years ago, that Venus suddenly became what it is now. The reason for which is still unknown to scientists.

So is it possible that there are alien life-forms on Venus? They exist on Venus in a more advanced state after elevating their dimensions. It is only that we humans cannot see it at this stage.

Although remarks by the woman who is supposedly from Venus are very shocking, her description is filled with a certain degree of logic. In the face of many questions, Omnec, who is nearly 60 years old, said that everyone has the freedom to choose what to believe.

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