Dark Mysteries: What USO Secrets Lie in the Depths of Our Oceans? (Part 1)

An unidentified submerged object (USO).

An unidentified submerged object (USO) is an unidentified object submerged in water. (Image: via Listverse)

The Earth, this blue planet, has 71 percent of its surface area covered by seawater. Conservative estimates place the total volume of seawater on Earth at about 1.35 billion cubic kilometers. It has been said that we have discovered less than 5 percent of what is in the oceans, and this includes USO secrets (unidentified submerged objects) hidden in their depths.

The unknowns in the depths of the deep, dark ocean would not be less than the universe above. In 2016, based on classified documents from the former Soviet intelligence agency KGB and the Soviet Navy, Paul Stonehill and Philip Mantle wrote the book Russia’s USO Secrets: Unidentified Submersible Objects in Russian and International Waters to uncover secrets that have been hidden for decades. Today, let us talk about some of the dark mysteries of the deep oceans. 

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Everyone knows about unidentified flying objects: UFOs. However, there is an even more mysterious phenomenon than the UFO that has been playing with the military and scientific researchers for decades: USOs. However, as the occurrence of this phenomenon is usually in the vast oceans, there aren’t many witnesses and hence, little is known about USOs. The United States and the Soviet Union had once spent a lot of financial and military resources to investigate USOs, but they were unsuccessful. 

Soviet K3 submarine.
К-3 submarine of the Soviet Navy’s Northern Fleet, the first nuclear submarine of the Soviet Union. (Image: via Public Domain)

K-3 and the six USOs

In 1961, during the Cold War, the Soviet Union’s K-3 submarine was on a mission in the Baltic Sea. This submarine was significant as it was the Soviet Union’s first class of nuclear-powered attack submarines. At the time, NATO was not aware of this new technology. The submarine carried four nuclear warheads with a total yield equivalent of one million tons.

While on a mission, the submarine’s sonar system identified six unidentified submerged objects. In a triangular formation, the USOs approached the submarine at 265 miles per hour. The submarine was manned by highly trained Soviet navy officers, none of whom had ever seen similar underwater objects before. The commander gave orders to slow down the submarine, but to his surprise, the six USOs also slowed down.

The commander urgently gathered all crew members to the operations room where they unanimously agreed that the submarine’s whereabouts had been exposed and they were going to be attacked. The submarine was immediately placed into fighting mode. After some deliberation, the commander decided that the submarine would surface urgently. Thankfully, they did not launch a nuclear warhead in the heat of the moment, but just after surfacing, something even more incredible happened. 

The six USOs also surprisingly surfaced, and moving at high speed they disappeared into the sky. With the emergency surfacing of the Soviet nuclear submarine, they exposed themselves to satellite surveillance and NATO became aware that the Soviets had a first-generation submarine.

In July 2009, the Russian government made public a classified KGB document. The document contained information about the strange encounter the Soviet Navy had with the USOs. Some researchers believe that the six USOs were able to move quickly underwater and in the air at the same time. Based on technology at the time, it was impossible to build something that can travel at the same speed both underwater and in the air.

The declassified KGB document also contained additional encounters with other USOs, one area being Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia. Located between Mongolia and Russia, Lake Baikal is the world’s largest freshwater lake by volume. At 636 kilometers long and 79 kilometers wide, it has an area of 31,722 square kilometers. In terms of area, Lake Baikal ranks only seventh in the world. However, its depth reaches 1,637 meters, containing 20 percent of the world’s fresh surface water. It is not an exaggeration to say that Lake Baikal is the “world’s water bottle.”

Mysterious phenomena such as USOs and unexplained disappearances of submarines in our oceans have puzzled scientists and military intelligence for years:

The incident at Lake Baikal 

In 1982, the Soviet Navy established a military base on Lake Baikal, specifically for training naval divers. That winter, seven Soviet Navy divers, with their gear, were 50 meters underwater. All seven divers wore heavy diving suits, carried oxygen tanks, and were linked together with a special rope to prevent them from being separated.

In the darkness of the water, the only movement was from the divers’ headlamps. At that moment, one of the divers frantically gestured to his fellow team members. As the other team members turned around, a burst of dim light shone onto them, and several strange, giant humanoid creatures appeared. The humanoid creatures were much larger than normal humans, about 3 meters tall, and they were wearing special helmets. Strangely, the creatures did not appear to be using any diving equipment or oxygen tanks.

All seven divers were amazed, but fortunately, these USOs only looked at them and then swam away at an amazing speed. As the divers surfaced, they could not believe what had just happened. They originally thought that it was a hallucination caused by high-pressure depths, however, all seven people couldn’t have the same hallucination.

The divers reported this incident to their superior, and referred to the USOs as “swimmers.” The Soviet Navy superiors were so curious about these USOs that could freely move about underwater at high speed and requested that the seven divers return underwater and attempt to capture one USO. Hence, the seven divers returned to the lake with their weapons, nets, and diving gear.

When they arrived at the previous location, they once again saw the USOs. Just as one of the divers was about to stab a USO with a harpoon, they felt a strange powerful force that pushed them back to the surface. As they were previously 50 meters underwater, the rapid surfacing caused their lungs to expand rapidly, leading to air embolism. Three divers lost consciousness and the other four all suffered injuries of varying degrees. They were immediately taken to a nearby emergency facility for treatment, but unfortunately, the three divers did not regain consciousness and died.

The Soviet Navy and government blocked all news and installed a lot of surveillance around Lake Baikal. To the military, these USOs and underwater creatures may contain deep-water high technology that they can only dream of. If they can replicate the technology, it would bring an unprecedented military advantage.

Orlando Jorge Ferraudi.
Orlando Jorge Ferraudi in 2015. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

The incredible story of Orlando Jorge Ferraudi

One night in August 1956, Argentinean Orlando Jorge Ferraudi was fishing at night on a beach in Buenos Aires. Just as he was enjoying the beautiful silent night alone, he suddenly felt a pair of eyes watching him. Ferraudi turned his head and saw a two-meter-tall, pale-skinned humanoid creature. Ferraudi was terrified as the creature walked slowly toward him. At this time, Ferraudi heard a sound in his head; the humanoid creature used telepathy telling Ferraudi not to be afraid and that he will take Ferraudi to a place.

Ferraudi, as if losing control of his feet, followed the humanoid creature. A few moments later, a vertical ship came sliding toward them from the ocean. As the hatch of the aircraft opened, Ferraudi was instantly sucked into the interior through a blinding light. On the ship, Ferraudi also met a teenage human girl called Elena. Elena told him that she had woken up from sleep not long ago and had unknowingly and dazedly boarded the aircraft.

Under the instructions of these humanoid creatures, both Ferraudi and Elena changed into protective suits, because bacteria on humans could harm the humanoid creatures. The ship took them deep into the ocean and surfaced in the area of the Gulf of Samborombon, Argentina. According to the humanoid creatures, the purpose was to avoid human detection.

As the ship reached the coast of Africa, it flew vertically into the sky and outer space. Ferraudi said that while flying in space, he saw both Earth and the Moon in their entirety. Ferraudi’s descriptions of the Earth and the Moon in their entirety are surprisingly similar to what was subsequently observed by space probes. This is one reason why Ferraudi’s story has become so interesting.

After traveling in space for some time, the ship returned to Earth and entered the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Ferraudi and Elena were instructed to step out of the ship. They found themselves inside a building enveloped by a huge dome. The dome contained various types of ships. The humanoid creature told Ferraudi that this is the maintenance base for their ships.

At the base, Ferraudi and Elena were given an unknown liquid and drifted off to sleep and when they woke up, they found that they were able to read each other’s minds.

The humanoid creatures told them that the pineal gland inside the human body has always been in an inactive state. Humans are not natively born on Earth, but are remnants of other planetary civilizations, and the pineal gland is the greatest characteristic of those civilizations. Once it is activated, you will be able to hear thoughts of the same kind, which is considered a kind of telepathy. 

Even Ferraudi’s story sounds like a legendary tale without any substantial evidence, unlike thousands of other abduction accounts. His story has remained consistent over the years. If his story is true, and he was able to return to Earth alive, it means that the group of alien beings were not hostile to humans. 

The Abyss.
‘The Abyss’ is a 1989 American science fiction film written and directed by James Cameron. (Image: via Fair Use)

‘The Abyss’

Perhaps inspired by Ferraudi’s incident, famous director James Cameron made The Abyss in 1988, about a U.S. nuclear submarine that unfortunately sank to the bottom of the sea.

Because the submarine was carrying high-risk nuclear warheads, the military had to send a rescue team to salvage it. But in the rescue, they discovered underwater aliens who possessed powerful technology in the depths of the sea. The aliens originally wanted to create mega-tsunamis to destroy humankind, but changed their plans because of the protagonists’ goodwill, and even saved his life.

It is worth mentioning that the director has always had a deep fascination with the ocean. In addition to directing, he is also a professional diver. On March 26, 2012, Cameron took the Deepsea Challenger and made a record-breaking solo dive of 10,908 meters deep to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

USO sightings may seem imaginative and incredulous, but in reality, it does not seem impossible to find factual evidence in support of extraterrestrial existence. 

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