Children’s Blessings Are Related to Their Parents!

Asian girl using a computer in the classroom.

Throughout history, the greatest hope of parents is that their children will become talented and blessed. (Image: Supakitmod via Dreamstime)

As the Chinese saying goes: “I hope my son will become a dragon and my daughter will become a phoenix.” Throughout history, the greatest hope of parents is that their children will become talented and blessed. Actually, children’s blessings are all related to their parents. Your every word and deed is the luck and cultivation of your children’s life! 

Children’s blessings come from their parents

Parents with love, children with talent 

It has been said: “A loving family is the only way to raise loving children.” Home is the place that gives people a sense of security. A family with loving parents makes children confident and lays the foundation for their children’s blessings. 

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Children with loving parents are the most fortunate. 

Such children never have low self-esteem, let alone arrogance; their upbringing is rooted in their bones. A psychologist said: “Parents are the greatest destiny of a child; when parents love each other, the child will be full of happiness.” 

A child is a mirror of his or her parents. So if you want to know whether a child is good or not, look at the child’s parents. 

Parents who love each other will raise children who are knowledgeable and talented. 

Children's blessings are all related to their parents.
Parents who love each other will raise children who are knowledgeable and talented. (Image: Imtmphoto via Dreamstime)

Parents who are diligent and thrifty will make their children successful 

As the saying goes: “If people are diligent, they can become rich; if they are extravagant, their wealth will not grow.” 

A parent’s extravagance is what ruins a child’s life. Yet, a blessed child is inevitably inseparable from diligence and frugality. 

In the classic Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber, the wealthy Jia family was highly extravagant and wasteful in food and clothing, leading to the eventual downfall of their children who were greedy for pleasure. 

An extravagant family is like a poison that can ruin one offspring after another. People can be content only by being frugal, and their children can live in peace. 

A thrifty family builds a solid foundation for children and their children’s blessings. 

“It is better to teach someone to fish than to give them a fish.” So instead of leaving your children with a fortune, teach them to be thrifty. Then, when your children know how to work hard and pay, they will have mastered the greatest truth in life. This is the best gift that parents can give to their children. 

Asian girl placing coins in jars to save her money.
When your children know how to work hard and pay, they will have mastered the greatest truth in life. (Image: Sasi Ponchaisang via Dreamstime)

When parents are virtuous, their children are blessed 

As the saying goes: “Do not despise small kindnesses and think you are not blessed.” 

A person’s blessings depend on good deeds and good thoughts, which is especially true for children. Goodness and virtue are the greatest blessings. When parents are virtuous, the children benefit, and this is the greatest blessing for them. 

A generous and kind family will have generous and kind children. With a warm and kind heart, such a child can plant good karma everywhere and form a wide network of people, so naturally, there attract countless noble people. 

A Chinese proverb says: “When parents are of high moral character, children are taught well.” 

Parents of high moral character are the best lucky charm for their children and the source of their children’s blessings.

Translated by Eva

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