For Dreamers and Realists: Self-Sufficiency in the Country

A dirt road leading to a farm.

The stress of modern life can make people start thinking of relocating to rural areas where living amidst natural serenity is possible. (Image: Joe Sohm via Dreamstime)

There are so many people who can’t think of living without the amenities of urban life and who love the technological marvels that have made human life so comfortable. Self-sufficiency isn’t even in their vocabulary. However, the reality is that technology is a sword with dual edges. With rapid urbanization and a lifestyle dependent on machinery and technological services, people are also coping with side effects, such as increased stress and exposure to rising levels of pollution. This has made a section of people start thinking of relocating to rural areas where living amidst natural serenity is possible.

It sounds like a nice idea but you cannot do it overnight. You need a proper guide to executing such plans. This is where you can gain from books like The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency

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Self-sufficiency can be achieved using John Seymour's book, which is full of old and proven methods.
First published in 1976, John Seymour’s book is full of old and proven methods for achieving self-sufficiency. (Image: via Amazon)

John Seymour is deemed the stalwart of modern self-sufficiency

Written by John Seymour, who is deemed the stalwart of modern self-sufficiency, this book will help you lead a different life, without relying on typical urban services and resources. You can find the book online at sites like Amazon. To some readers, the contents of the book may seem a little dated but it is still a very useful guide. The entire book is divided into several sections and in each of these, you will find tips on ways to live off the grid minus any issues.

When you live away from the city, amidst wilderness and greenery, you will still need certain resources and services. In some instances, you will have to learn how to make use of natural resources. This is where the chapters of this book come in handy. You get sections dedicated to topics like organic gardening and making use of solar energy. You also get lessons on ways to manage your own farm and raise livestock, along with tips on ways to preserve food. You learn how to bake bread and make cheese as well. 

Holstein cows grazing in the pasture.
The book gives tips on managing your own farm and raising livestock. (Image: Shawn Smith via Dreamstime)

You can count on the content of the book as John Seymour is well known for his knowledge and expertise in the realm of self-sufficiency. He spent some years in England farming, and he then spent around 10 years in African regions. He learned to run a cattle and sheep farm on his own. His vast experience in the field of animal husbandry is admired. He spent his last years on a Welsh farm where he passed away in 2004. Throughout his life, Seymour inspired thousands to embrace nature and learn ways to live while contributing to the environment. Once you read the book, you will learn how to experience the rural quality of life.

The book can be of use to many individuals, including the retired lot who want to spend their golden years away from the chaos of urban places. However, it is also of use to young people with a keen interest in an eco-friendly lifestyle. Now, you can buy the book enhanced with a new foreword done by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. You also get retro-style illustrations in it.

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