Horse Continues to Follow Her Master’s Route

Head of a white horse.

When the horse saw a white horse from far away, it would speed toward the white horse as quickly as it could. (Image: via Facebook)

It is not common to find a horse walking the same route her master use to ride. However, for the residents in the German city of Frankfurt, it does not look surprising, any longer. They have become habituated to the sight of a gorgeous-looking white horse taking a morning walk without being led by anyone. The stunning Arabian horse is named Jenny and she is 25 years old. 

Jenny covers a certain route for her morning walk in Frankfurt and receives treats and pats from onlookers along the way. It happens every day and people are now habituated. Jenny the horse is owned by Werner Weischedel, who is now 79 years old. He cannot take the mare physically and so the animal enjoys the walk by herself.

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White horse walking down the street.
Jenny covers a certain route for her morning walk in Frankfurt and receives treats and pats from onlookers along the way. (Image: via Facebook)

The horse carries a note that it is not a runaway

The white horse’s halter has a note to inform onlookers that this is not a runaway horse. Keith Anderson posted the story of Jenny on Facebook and it went viral soon enough. The amazing thing is that the horse knows her way very well and she has not run into any trouble in over 14 years. A local veterinarian checks her periodically and says she is quite healthy. 

Before Jenny started walking in the morning without being accompanied by her owner or any human, she was working in a caravan. She was then joined by Charlie, a second mare. However, Charlie died some years back and now Jenny is on her own. However, sometimes she is followed by Evita, her owner’s white German shepherd. 

Man with shirt open stroking white horse.
Jenny the horse is owned by Werner Weischedel who is now 79 years old. (Image: via Facebook)

When Jenny started walking alone, Weischedel or his wife felt like accompanying her. However, they realized the mare would be able to return and would not cause any problem to anyone. Now, as Weischedel opens the gate, Jenny starts taking the walk on the same path that was used by her owner. She completes about eight strolls along the path every day. She completes about 10 miles every day and then returns home for lunch. 

For people who have not seen the horse earlier, the entire idea may seem risky. However, Jenny knows the road very well and there is no risk of losing her way. The horse is loved by the locals, and they wait for her to appear every day. They often offer her treats and like to pet her. While covering the path, Jenny trots along tram lines a little and also gets inside nearby fields to chomp on grass. Her owners say she is very patient and does not get stressed easily. 

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