3 Influences of Well-Groomed Mothers on Children

Young mother standing by a crib reading to her daughter from a picturebook.

Cultivating character in a child is worth more than money or material success. (Image: Mimagephotography via Dreamstime)

What impacts do well-groomed mothers have on their children? Ms. Zhou and Ms. Zheng live in the same community and coincidentally both have a son and a daughter. 

This year, Ms. Zhou’s eldest son is in the second grade and her youngest daughter has just started kindergarten. Every morning is the busiest time, getting up early to cook breakfast for the children, and loudly urging them to get up, eat, and go to school. After the children leave for school, Ms. Zhou goes to the market in her pajamas, with her hair in a puffy mess. Her two children are rather naughty, and her son is a bit rebellious.  

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Ms. Zheng’s son and daughter, one in primary school and one in kindergarten, are also well organized and have a sophisticated, optimistic life, and dress modestly every day. In addition, Ms. Zheng’s two children are well behaved, understanding, and well mannered.  

Young female Asian student sitting at a desk in a classroom with a pencil in hand.
Ms. Zheng’s children are well organized, well behaved, understanding, and well mannered. (Image: Sarayuth Punnasuriyaporn via Dreamstime)

With two families in the same community and two very different situations, many people will wonder if well-groomed mothers have an impact on their children. 

Well-groomed mothers greatly impact their children  

1. Children will be confident and brave 

Most children are intelligent and usually compare their mothers in normal circumstances. 

If their mothers are always beautifully dressed, they will be envied by other children, making the child more confident to a large extent. 

Children who have well-groomed mothers will be envied by other children, making the child more confident.
If their mother is always beautifully dressed, they will be envied by other children, making the child more confident. (Image: Aaron Amat via Dreamstime)

2. Children will be aesthetically conscious 

If the mother is always underdressed or dresses poorly, the child will not improve their aesthetic taste and may become just like their unkempt mother. 

However, mothers who are aware of their behavior when out or at home, and always dress well will take the trouble to dress their children. With the influence of their well-groomed mothers, their children will grow up with a good taste in aesthetics and dressing habits. 

3. Children will love life 

A mother who dresses well is usually in love with life, has an optimistic attitude, and keeps the house clean every day. In addition, they are also friendly and happy when dealing with others. With a mother’s good example, the children she raises will also love life and have optimistic personalities. 

An article published in the journal Symbolic Interaction in 2005 titled “What Kind of Mother Am I? Impression Management and the Social Construction of Motherhood” found that women have their children well dressed to confirm their social identities as ‘good parents’. Conversely, this validates and reinforces the mother’s self-concept.  

Parents are the first teachers of their children, and the habits and behavior of their parents will be seen and remembered by their children and imitated by them. Therefore, parents should pay attention to self-cultivation, teach by example, and be good role models for their children.

Translated by Eva 

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