3 Best Longevity Medicines Are Free

The words 'Long Life' on a wooden sign with a street background.

There are 3 'longevity medicines' that can help your health, reduce illnesses, and move you toward living a long life. (Image: Gustavo Frazao via Dreamstime)

Everyone longs for a long, healthy life. With all the information available in the world today, what is the simplest and quickest way to improve your health? There are 3 “longevity medicines” that can help your health, reduce illnesses, and move you toward living a long life. They are all free and worth recommending to everyone. 

3 free “longevity medicines”  

1. Drinking water 

Drinking water is a good cure for diseases and can be called the “first element of longevity.” Many diseases are caused by insufficient water intake. 

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With the increase of age, the functions of various organs in the human body are reduced, and there is often a phenomenon that the body lacks water, but people do not feel thirsty. If you don’t replenish water in time, it is easy to experience dry skin, poor excretion, constipation, dehydration, heatstroke, and other phenomena for middle-aged and elderly people. For the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, myocardial and cerebral infarction can happen due to the lack of water in the blood.

Generally healthy people should also develop the good habit of drinking water, and consume appropriate amounts of fruit juices and various soups to increase their water intake. Getting enough water will help you see an improvement in physical performance while maintaining energy metabolism and concentration through good brain function. It can help reduce or remove headaches and remove excess appetite when drunk 30 minutes before a meal.  

One of the best longevity medicines is water.
Generally healthy people should also develop the good habit of drinking water. (Image: Tatyana Gladskikh via Dreamstime)

2. Sleeping 

There is a saying: “Using medicine for a tonic is not as good as using food, and using food for a tonic is not as good as using sleep.”  Illness does not come easily if a person sleeps well every day. You could say that sleeping is “the world’s number one tonic.” 

Sleeping is the simplest and most effective method to preserve health. A good sleeping habit helps to eliminate body fatigue so that the brain, nerves, endocrine system, respiratory function, digestive function, material metabolism, and cardiovascular activities can have rest. Sleeping promotes self-repair and the growth and development of body tissues, which can enhance immune function and improve resistance to diseases.

According to ScienceNews for Students, scientists were surprised to find that getting enough sleep was more important to healing than good nutrition and the article concluded that getting enough “vitamin Z” was the way forward at the moment.  

3. Walking 

What is the best exercise? Many health experts will say that it is walking and that walking is also the best “longevity medicine.” Heart charities and medical associations in many countries believe that walking is good for health. At present, walking has become the most popular exercise in the world. 

Backlit back view of a family walking together with Mom and Dad holding hands with their children.
Many health experts consider walking to be the best form of exercise. (Image: Monkey Business Images via Dreamstime)

The World Health Organization has pointed out that walking is one of the best activities in the world. It is simple and easy to perform and has a good effect on strengthening the body. It can be enjoyed by both men, women, and children. The WHO summarized: “Physical inactivity is now identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. Physical inactivity levels are rising in many countries with major implications for the prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and the general health of the population worldwide.”

In summary, drinking water is the “first element of longevity,” sleeping is “the world’s number one tonic,” and walking is the “best exercise.” These three are the best “longevity medicines.”

Translated by Patty Zhang and edited by Helen

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