So He’s a Good Man, but Is He Right for You?

Couple in love riding a motorbike together through the streets of a European city.

How do you know if the person you're dating is the one? (Image: Dan Grytsku via Dreamstime)

Women all want to find the right man to be in a relationship with — someone you can trust, rely on, and with whom you can share your life. How do you know if the person you’re dating is the one? Some key signs can help you figure out if your partner is a good man and whether he’s right for you. Keep reading for more tips on how to know if the person you’re with is right for you.

Good men are hard to come by

You’ve been on a lot of dates lately and it seems like the only men who are interested in you are those who don’t live up to your standards. You want someone who is good and kind and makes you feel special, but all the ones you meet seem like they’re not worth your time.

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Stop looking for Mr. Right. He’s already there! The right person will find ways to make YOU happy; he won’t need much or any attention placed on him for him to keep coming back every time. A good man will always be by your side even when no one else is around because he wants YOU as his partner and knows that if he has YOU, he has everything he needs!

If a guy wants to be in a relationship with you and he shows that, it’s his way of saying: “I want to do things for you and I want to put in the time and effort to make our relationship work. I know we can have an amazing life together.”

Young man and woman sitting next to each other on a white sofa.
If a guy wants to be in a relationship with you, he’ll show you that he wants to put in the time and effort to make the relationship work. (Image: Voyagerix via Dreamstime)

He wants all of this because he loves YOU! It may seem like hard work at times, but when you find someone who is worth your trouble, then it will all be worth it. You should also consider yourself lucky if you meet a guy who displays these qualities. Men like this are rare.

Difference between a good guy and the right guy

A good guy is just that: a decent man who does his best to be kind and helpful. He can be the right guy, but only if he has something else… something special. If you think he may be the right guy, you need to ask the tough questions and find out about his values, goals in life, political views, whether or not he wants kids — basically, whether or not you are compatible.

On the other hand, if you feel like you want to do things with him because it will make your life better, but he seems unaware of how much time and effort goes into a relationship, then it might be time to end things. You need someone who will treat you like a princess and give back as much as they take from the relationship. Both people in the relationship must be willing to give in order for both people to benefit.

If they can’t put the same amount of time and effort into the relationship, they probably won’t stick around for long anyway, so it’s best if you walk away now. A good man will be with you because he wants you, not just because he has nowhere else to go. Otherwise, he will fall into that “I’m just here until something better comes along” category, which is why you should keep your eyes open!

How to know if a man is right for you

Do they do things for YOU?

A good man won’t always ask before he does something for you so it’s best if you let him know what you would appreciate him doing and what would be better for him to leave so you can do it yourself. He should also consider how he can help around the house and whether his female friends are beneficial to your friendship group as well as his own. If a man treats you with respect, loves all of your friends, helps out whenever possible, and tells you how beautiful you are every day, then this is a good man.

If a man treats you with respect, loves all of your friends, helps out whenever possible, tells you how beautiful you are every day, then this is a good man.
If a man treats you with respect, loves all of your friends, helps out whenever possible, and tells you how beautiful you are every day, then this is a good man. (Image: Andrey Kiselev via Dreamstime)

He has to be able to look at things logically and identify what areas need work or attention. This way, he can give you his undivided attention whenever he sees fit instead of splitting himself up all the time with other things. If this is how they act before marriage, imagine how committed they will be after!

Do they make you happy?

A good man knows that relationships are a two-way street, and if you feel like it’s not working out, then you should try to fix your relationship problems as much as possible by communicating with each other, because communication leads to clarity!

He will make you laugh and make you feel like the only girl in the room even if there are other girls around, because that is what the right guy should do for his girl! They will also try to look their best when they are out with you, especially if they know other people will be looking at them too. If he likes you, then he should want to prove himself worthy of your time by dressing nicely so that others can see how well he treats his woman.

Does he treat you with respect?

A good guy has to know how to treat you and that means making sure they don’t disrespect your values and beliefs. He should be able to accept the fact that even if his girl is a bit “crazy,” he still loves her. If they try very hard NOT to upset you, then this is a man who will go out of his way for you — even if it means making changes himself so the two of you can be more compatible with each other.

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