How Is Genuine Self-Esteem Actually Developed?

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Confidence and self-esteem may slip from time to time, but you can build them back up by focusing on the right things. (Image: Innervisionpro via Dreamstime)

Sometimes, you may feel bogged down owing to factors that may not be too obvious. Despite giving your best at the workplace and elsewhere, a sense of negativity and gloom may permeate your mind. There are days when you feel like staying disconnected from everything and everyone. This is often caused by low self-esteem. There are many factors behind it. From depressing incidents or stagnancy in career to the influence of evil-minded relatives and colleagues, root factors can be numerous. However, the good thing is you can find ways to combat phases of low self-esteem.

It is certainly possible to give your sagging self-esteem a boost. There is no magic formula that works overnight for this, though. You can try out the below-listed methods.

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How to enhance your level of self-esteem

Developing a new skill

When you feel low about your achievements in your career or academics, try learning a new skill. It can be anything: learning a new language or doing a course in fusion dance or computer-aided design. When you learn a new skill and gain an accomplishment with it, your self-esteem gets enhanced.

People listening to a presenter at a seminar.
When you feel low about your achievements in your career or academics, try learning a new skill. (Image: Prostockstudio via Dreamstime)

Making a list of your achievements

Sometimes, when you feel low and sad, reminding yourself about things you have achieved works well. You may gather your certificates and diplomas in one place or simply write them down in a diary. You may also use digital note taking apps for the same purpose. Reading this list of achievements periodically will make you feel good about yourself.

Helping people in need

When you help people in need, it makes you feel good, for sure. Help may not be in monetary form, in all cases. You may donate your old clothes to needy people and give your old books to students hailing from poor families, for example. You can also get involved with charitable organizations and NGOs in this regard.

Disconnecting from negative and manipulative people

There are people in your family and life who are shrewd, negative, and toxic. They try to pull you down and manipulate the situation in their favor. Feel free to cut off links with such people. Do not feel bad about it. These toxic and narrow-minded people will bicker about you anyway and that will lower your self-esteem. So just cut off your ties with them online and otherwise.

Reading inspirational stuff

There is simply no shortage of inspirational and motivational content. You can read such books or explore such content on YouTube too. Reading and listening to such content will help you think positively. Exploring such positive content will help you stave off negative vibes.

To bolster your self-esteem, reading and listening to inspirational and motivational content will help you think positively.
Reading and listening to inspirational and motivational content will help you think positively. (Image: Valentin Armianu via Dreamstime)

Setting up boundaries

It is important that you know when and where to set up boundaries around your life. This is applicable for both personal and professional life. Be particular about how much you allow people in your life. If necessary, you can tell some people directly about it.

Focus on grooming

Paying attention to yourself is necessary and that helps boost your self-esteem to an extent. Think of revamping your wardrobe or getting a new haircut. Opting for a facial or spa session may also work.

Engaging with people who appreciate your worth

Try to spend more time with people who appreciate your worth. When you are surrounded by people who bring out the good in you, you feel better overall and you perform better at everything.

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