An Interview With Pianist Melissa Harrison

Melissa Harrison.

Katrina Hicks interviews freelance pianist and composer, Melissa Harrison. (Image: via Melissa Harrison)

Katrina Hicks interviews freelance pianist and composer Melissa Harrison. Melissa effortlessly demonstrates that classic is still cool while covering modern mainstream hits. Melissa Harrison’s most recent work includes her composition on the soundtrack for the film NKD written for Looking For Beauty films and produced by Troy Sevens.

Melissa sits down to speak with me about who inspires her sound and what more we can expect from her.

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Katrina: “Hi Melissa, thank you once again for taking the time to speak with me. You recently covered Adele’s highly popular track, Easy On Me. You did it beautifully, may I add. What inspired you to cover this track in particular? Do you feel it’s ever risky covering a song that is already so well received?”

Melissa: “Thanks so much for having me! Yeah, with Adele being back on the scene, I’ve loved covering her new music and writing my own piano arrangement for, Easy on Me which is such a beautiful track. It can be risky but I enjoy making covers my own. I will probably be playing more of her upcoming music.”

Pianist Melissa Harrison plating the piano.
Melissa Harrison has been able to cultivate her gift of piano since the tender age of six. (Image: via Melissa Harrison)

Katrina: “You also covered Doja Cat’s Woman. She is a personal favorite artist of mine, I just love her for her uniqueness! Although your musical sound is classical, you also demonstrate another side to your personality by covering tracks like this. What other mainstream artists influence you, and why?”

Melissa: “Doja Cat was a real challenge to turn classical style. I wanted to take something mainstream and make it instrumental and classical-inspired, but with some boss attitude. Artists like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, anything in the charts that inspires me at that time really.”

Katrina: “Tell me more about working on the composition on the soundtrack for the film NKD. What’s the film about?”

Melissa Harrison’s work on the film ‘NKD’

Melissa: “This was one of my favorite collaborations alongside Looking For Beauty Productions. It was a female-led film about being empowered and feeling good in your own skin. It was so nice to see more female directors and actors taking the lead. I also loved working alongside Kateryna who’s one of the models and she is just so talented, check her out on Instagram! –@katerynanych.”

Katrina: “I understand that in the past you have worked at the Brit Awards and the ITV Studios. What did you gain the most from both experiences?”

Melissa: “This was amazing! Seeing events unfold and meeting other creatives like myself! Also being a part of a supportive network, with everybody supporting each other.”

Melissa Harrison leaning on a railing wearing a full-length coat.
Melissa Harrison is a Kent, UK-based alternative pianist who’s carving out her own lane in the music industry. (Image: via Melissa Harrison)

Katrina: “What’s to come in the upcoming year for you? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?”

Melissa: “You will have to wait and see! However, there’s a lot I cannot wait to put out! Definitely some new music and collabs, but we’ll see how this new year goes.” 

Katrina: “Thank you again, Melissa. I look forward to seeing what’s next for you! Keep in touch.”

Melissa: “My Pleasure!”

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