Secrets Under the Great Sphinx of Egypt That Governments Are Hiding

Many people have confirmed the existence of secret chambers beneath the Great Sphinx of Egypt, which is said to hold valuable information that could change the world forever. However, almost no one knows about it. Many research teams have confirmed the existence of chambers beneath the statue, but all of this information has been suppressed. Is it coincidental that Boriska Kipriyanovich and Edgar Cayce both prophesied about what is hidden inside the secret chambers beneath the Sphinx? Why did Zahi Hawass, the Egyptian Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs, continuously deny the existence of these chambers? Just how many more secrets are there in the body of the Sphinx? Does the “Hall of Records” exist? More importantly, why are none of these published? In this video, we sift through countless pieces of photographic evidence, books, and manuscripts to shed light on this long-hidden secret.

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