8 Ways to Tell if Someone Is Intelligent

Smiling black man with his arms crossed.

Are you wondering how to tell if someone is intelligent? Look for the following signs in people, and identifying intelligent ones will be easy. (Image: Roman Samborskyi via Dreamstime)

Some people acquire sharpness and analytical skills from their genes, while others learn life skills through observation and presence of mind. In any case, it would be good if you could figure out ways to identify intelligent people. Interacting with such people can be advantageous for you — for sure. 

8 signs to tell if someone is intelligent

1. They talk less and observe more

A smart or intelligent person is not likely to be talkative. Smart people talk less in most places, and they like to observe others and situations. This helps them understand many things in life. This observation and resulting analysis can work in their favor. Besides, by listening more, they become preferable companions. So in a social event or gathering, look for people talking less and busy observing things and people. 

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2. They read and learn much

Intelligent people never think they have learned it all, whether it is about career-related things or life. They keep on reading and exploring new things and subjects. Knowledge gathered by frequent reading and observing helps them in many ways. They tend to spend their leisure time reading books, magazines or watching helpful Internet videos. Very rarely will you find such people wasting productive time. 

Intelligent people spend their leisure time reading books, magazines or watching helpful Internet videos.
Intelligent people spend their leisure time reading books, magazines or watching helpful Internet videos. (Image: Evgenyatamanenko via Dreamstime)

3. They are not judgemental

Truly intelligent people are not judgemental by nature. On the contrary, they are more open-minded than others. These people do not think in stereotypical ways. Even if they encounter an unusual event or development, they do not jump to conclusions. 

4. They are choosie about the company they keep

Intelligent people understand the importance of quality companions. So they do not usually hang around with people who are way beneath their level of intelligence. In other words, they are picky about who they are mingling with. So while they may maintain a good rapport with most people, they will opt for quality companions.

5. They have restraint

Smart people do not lose their cool quickly. In unexpected developments and risky situations, you will find that most people either panic or get stressed out or angry. However, a handful of people retain their calm even in unforeseen situations. This is because they have better control over their nerves, which is a sure-shot trait of smartness and intelligence. These people know that losing their cool or tense will only worsen the situation, and by staying calm, they can think of ways to resolve the problems. 

Smiling woman with arms crossed.
An intelligent person will not brag about things. (Image: Svyatoslav Lypynskyy via Dreamstime)

6. They have a good sense of humor

Smart people usually have a good sense of humor. However, they do not laugh out loud a lot. On the contrary, you will find such people cracking witty and unique jokes that make others burst into laughter from time to time. Sometimes, the pun or sarcasm used by them is hard for others to understand. Some of them even have the skill of keeping a serious face while cracking jokes.

7. They are aware of their limitations

An intelligent person will not brag about things. Such people are also likely to refrain from talking about something they do not understand. If they overhear an unfamiliar topic being discussed at a gathering, they will not participate, but listen. Smart people dislike speculating on things on which they have little knowledge. 

8. They are able to balance their life

Smart people are very good at balancing life and career. You will often come across people constantly complaining about balancing their job and household tasks, but they are usually not intelligent. Smart people seem to manage better and balance children’s education, fitness goals, job duties, and chores at home. They also tend to indulge in stress-busting activities. 

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