Wuling Farm Cherry Blossom Festival 2022

The Wuling Farm in central Taiwan is one of the best destinations for viewing cherry blossoms. It boasts the most comprehensive display of its kind across the country. Besides taking in the beautiful cherry blossoms, visitors can also go up the mountain and breathe the super fresh air. There are some trails that are easy to walk in that area including the Bird-watching Trail (950 m, or 3,116 ft), the Tea Garden Trail (1,150 m, or 3,772 ft), the Bird and Butterfly Watching Trail (2,150 m or 7,053 ft), the Alpine Botanical Garden Trail (1,150 m or 3,772 ft), Pine Avenue (300 m or 984 ft), and the Taoshan Waterfall Trail, which is a 4.3 km (2.6 mi) trail leading to the 50-meter (164-foot) Taoshan Waterfalls.

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