7 Ways to Enhance Your Fertility Naturally

Pregnant woman holding her abdomen.

Women experience fertility woes nowadays owing to several factors. (Image: via Pexels)

There is no denying motherhood can change a woman’s life in an unprecedented way. However, women experience fertility woes nowadays owing to several factors. First, there can be genetic reasons, and some women find it hard to conceive due to lifestyle issues, dietary limitations, and ailments. Another factor is age. As women age past 30, their prospects of getting pregnant decline. Women who conceive late in life are more likely to face pregnancy-related complications. 

In some instances, seeking the expertise and aid of an infertility expert is the only option left for conceiving. However, you can resort to some tried and tested measures to preserve your fertility naturally. These measures are not too tough to follow, and you do not have to incur huge expenses either. For example, you will not have to adhere to a strict workout regime or cut out most favorite foods off the plates!

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Ways to enhance your chances of conceiving

1. Try to stay in shape

Being overweight paves the way to many health problems, and it can create reproductive hassles too. So try to shed those extra pounds if you plan to conceive soon. The ideal BMI is between 19 and 24 for women who want to conceive.

Eating organic fruits and vegetables can enhance your fertility.
Eating homemade, organic foods can enhance your fertility. (Image: Carey Jaman via Dreamstime)

2. Reducing oxidative stress

It is necessary to reduce the amount of oxidative stress your body is subjected to. This can be done in many ways, but modifying the diet is significant. First, you have to reduce eating junk and processed food. So say no to those aerated drinks, along with spicy and sugary foods. Instead, resort to eating homemade, organic foods. Include green vegetables, fresh fruits, and beverages obtained from water instead of alcohol and fizzy drinks. Try to include foods with healthy fats in your diet as well. Finally, it’s a good idea to eat naturally enriched foods with antioxidants.

3. Reduce caffeine and alcohol

Drinking coffee and tea may be suitable for keeping you alert at work. However, taking a lot of caffeine-infused beverages will complicate your prospects of conceiving. The same thing can be said about consuming alcoholic beverages. If you want a hassle-free pregnancy, reduce alcohol intake as much as you can. 

4. Do not smoke

Having a puff at the workplace from time to time may help you resolve workplace problems better, but it is doing damage to your pregnancy prospects. Studies have indicated links between smoking tobacco and the risk of miscarriage and sub-par fallopian tube function. It can also create problems for IVF later, studies have shown.

Woman walking for exercise.
For women thinking of conceiving, resorting to moderate workouts makes sense. (Image: via Pixels)

5. Moderate exercise

Without resorting to exercise, you will find it hard to stay in shape. However, for women thinking of conceiving, resorting to moderate workouts makes sense. On the other hand, not exercising at all is not advisable and doing heavy activities also has its share of problems. So try to find a balance and resort to a workout that suits your lifestyle and needs. You can work out at home or the gym. Aerobic exercises and swimming are also said to be good in this regard. 

6. Supplement usage

Your existing diet may be short of specific nutrients required to enhance prospects of safe fertility. This can often be the case with vegans. In that case, you can start taking supplements with iron and folic acid. However, it would be prudent to consult a fertility expert before starting such supplements. They will guide you in picking the proper medications and supplements to intake critical nutrients. 

7. Bust the stress

Research has shown that stress can adversely impact fertility, so try to remain stress-free. You can try yoga or medication to beat stress or seek professional counseling if required.

While resorting to these methods can help enhance your chances of conceiving, you may require expert consultation in some cases. So do not waste time and contact an infertility expert if you find it hard to conceive even after doing everything above. 

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