Do You Know About the Feng Shui of Clothes?

Smiling young woman looks through a rack of yellow tops at a clothing store.

Always shop for clothes made of high-quality fabric compared to poor-quality material. Isn't that expensive? You may ask. Yes, but it's worth it. (Image: Tero Vesalainen via Dreamstime)

Feng shui is not just limited to the physical environment. Clothes and appearances are also affected by feng shui as well. The clothes you wear can have an impact on your body. So it’s best not to wear clothes that have strange or ominous patterns.

All things have a magnetic field, which can have an impact on others or attract energies that will impact the object. The magnetic field emitted is the same shape as the object. Pictures of peonies, goddesses, and phoenixes all bring a field of joy and auspiciousness, a positive feng shui field.

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The feng shui of clothes can bring good or bad luck.
Clothes with the image of Buddha can bring you good luck. (Image: 506967 via Pixabay)

Pictures of monsters, skulls, or fierce animals can generate tension and anxiety from their negative feng shui field. It is all a matter of choice. The kind of luck you have will be determined by the kinds of images you surround yourself with.

Your daily life is filled with twisted notions and strange ideas of what is considered beautiful. Half man, half beast faces snigger in advertising lightboxes at bus stops and near escalators; men and women converse in squeals accompanied by terrifying background music on TV shows and in movies; young people wear T-shirts with the words “terrorist” or “murderer” on them, or have snakes printed on them.

Is that what a man should be? Is that what we call beautiful?

Heavy metal fan displaying his Iron Maiden patch and AC/DC buttons on an old faded jean jacket.
Clothes with ghoul-like images can bring you bad luck. (Image: Ramallo via Pixabay)

Negative feng shui brings bad luck

Clothes for children and young people have patterns of snakes, skulls, crocodiles, or tigers on them, all giving off negative feng shui energies. Do you think these clothes will bring good luck? The field exuded by these patterns can cause physical discomfort, unfavorable working conditions, and even illnesses and body impairment.

I once knew a young man who loved to wear clothes with skulls on them, which create a bad feng shui field. He refused to listen to me or his parents begging him not to wear them, and he died in a car crash.

I knew a little 5-year-old boy who loved to wear snakes and crocodiles on his T-shirts. He was exceptionally thin and sick all the time. I told his parents to stop letting him wear those clothes. They took my advice and he was cured with no medical intervention.

The human head is like a mountain, and the hair is its vegetation. We only see a mountain turn yellow when the vegetation is dead and dying.

Nowadays, it’s trendy to dye hair all different colors — gold, yellow, brown, red — all the colors of dying plants. This can bring bad luck and even danger.

Woman with flowers in hair dyed bright red has her back to the camera holding a bouquet of white and red roses outside.
Avoid dyeing your hair the color red; stick with your natural color. (Image: melancholiaphotography via Pixabay)

People who dye their hair red need to be extremely cautious because of the negative feng shui field this creates. They may end up in prison and attract unexpected bad luck continuously.

Translation edited by Kathy McWilliams

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