Why a Woman Is the Feng Shui of the Family

A senior woman with hands on hips stands outside a two-story brick house with a smile on her face.

A kind and decent woman brings happiness and good fortune to the family. (Image: Monkey Business Images via Dreamstime)

The most profound character in Chinese is “安,” pronounced “aan,” meaning peace. It is comprised of two parts — the top is a roof, and the bottom is a woman, meaning that a home makes her settled, and a home with a woman gives a man peace. When she is kind and decent, she brings happiness and good fortune to the family.

A bad and indecent wife, on the other hand, brings bad luck and mishap to not only herself, but also to the family.

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When her appearance is clean and tidy, her home will be the same. When she looks sloppy, her home no doubt will look the same. A generous and understanding woman keeps the family strong and prosperous. A petty one leaves the home quarrelsome and like a battlefield.

A young African American woman straightens her hair, reflected in a round mirror in the living room.
When a woman’s appearance is clean and tidy, her home will be the same. (Image: Prostockstudio via Dreamstime)

A woman is like clear water

People say women are made of water. Clear water softens and cleanses; murky water corrodes and contaminates. Having a fine water nature will bring luck to the husband. By the same token, the more water quality she possesses, the better her life will be.

In tune with nature, she should be soft and gentle like water. When she becomes overpowering and goes against her tender nature, mishaps follow. Men who pay respect to women are drawn to good fortune because they are in flow with nature by integrating and balancing the yin and yang of the universe.

Macro shot of water drops.
In tune with nature, a woman should be soft and gentle like water. (Image: Podaril via Dreamstime)

A woman’s goodness does not lie in her looks, but in her inner qualities. The older a good-natured woman gets, the more blessed she looks, but the older a bad-natured one gets, the uglier she becomes.

Men are described as the backbone of a home. Women no doubt are the luck source because they are the feng shui of the family.

Translated by Cecilia Kwan

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