Children With a Promising Future Have These 4 Traits

Two girls sitting at a wooden table and coloring together.

Early childhood education is crucial in determining a person’s future path. (Image: Rawpixelimages via Dreamstime)

As the saying goes: “the boy is the father of the man.” Character traits nurtured and encouraged in children will have a lifelong impact, so early childhood education is crucial in determining a person’s future path.

Successful adults often display some of these characteristics as children 

1. Extraordinary creativity

Knowledge is taught; creativity is inborn. Knowledge has limits; true creativity has none. Successful adults often had their childhood creativity nurtured and encouraged. Creative children tend to be more adventurous and open to new opportunities as adults, making them more likely to start their own businesses or, if they work for someone else, to hold a unique and important place in the workplace.  

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2. Strong hands-on ability

An early childhood educator shared his insights into children having hands-on abilities. He believes that their wisdom rests in their fingertips. Good hands-on skills help to develop willpower and independence, both of which are becoming increasingly rarer in society. Children who are independent also tend to be more assertive, willing to take initiative, diligent, and active in their school communities and as adults, will stand out and gain appreciation in the workplace. 

Parents and teachers should pay attention to cultivating children's creativity and hands-on abilities.
Parents and teachers should pay attention to cultivating children’s creativity and hands-on abilities. (Image: Katie Nesling via Dreamstime)

3. Being resilient

Teaching children resilience will provide a strong foundation for dealing with disappointments later in life. When parents and teachers show them that setbacks are a normal part of life and that it’s not the end of the world, they come to understand that they have the ability to control how they react to a situation and are able to find creative solutions to the problems they face. These children are generally happier in life, can handle conflicts with others well, stay calm when facing problems, and are good at remaining calm in stressful situations. 

4. Excellent social and leadership skills

Children who develop social skills at a young age have a good chance for success as adults. Learning how to include others and to be thoughtful and considerate is a good foundation for future accomplishments. 

Successful adults have often avoided bad habits 

1. Passing the buck

Blaming others for their bad behavior or coming up with excuses is something that children learn from watching others. Some parents think this shows intelligence, as they will be able to do whatever they want and then get away with it. A child who can be accountable will grow into a responsible adult. 

2. Being late

Many children are reluctant to get out of bed and get ready for the day, setting up a bad habit of being late. Parents can take this on by setting a good example and displaying good time management skills.  

Unrecognizable little girl sleeping covered up in her bed with only the top of her head and one leg sticking out.
Many children are reluctant to get out of bed and get ready for the day, setting up a bad habit of being late. (Image: David Pereiras Villagra via Dreamstime)

3. Being selfish 

Many single-child families see their children as precious treasures, spoiling them and letting them have their own way most of the time. These children are reluctant to share and can become very selfish. They grow into adults who are unable to manage interpersonal relationships, making life very challenging. 

Both good and bad habits are formed in childhood. Good habits should be encouraged and bad habits corrected in a timely manner. This is vital to ensure happy, healthy adults in a world that is increasingly difficult to navigate.

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