How Brands and Influencers Are Utilizing YouTube to Make Huge Profits

YouTube on a computer.

The research team checked data using different sources like YouTube, Bing, and Google. Surprisingly, Chinese state-sponsored news outlets were seen in the top 10 results.. (Image: Sebastian Czapnik via Dreamstime)

There is no denying the reach and popularity of YouTube. Billions of people use the trendy video streaming platform to watch movies, music, ads, and other types of video content. However, it is also a favorite with advertisers. While generating ad revenue using YouTube is tricky, and a subtle change in algorithm and advertising rules can cut your earnings, it is still a powerful platform. Savvy digital marketers use YouTube’s organic reach to boost revenue streams owned by them. But unfortunately, not everyone can master the tricks. 

No one can deny the supremacy and power of Google as an online search platform. YouTube trails it in raw user numbers. However, you have to look at metrics like bounce rate and time-on-site, and then YouTube races ahead. There is hardly anything better than YouTube when you want strong user engagement. It is simple to repurpose a single video in many ways. You can edit and use the same clip with tweaks on many online channels.

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Are you still thinking if video advertising on YouTube is worth it? The reality is online users find video content more accessible to comprehend than static text. It can be a recipe or a DIY fix for a gadget issue. People find checking out a YouTube clip or tutorial more helpful than a text guide. Video content is simpler to understand, but it also drives better engagement. Besides, now that fast internet access is spreading to more places, the instance of bandwidth shortage is no longer applicable. 

People find checking out a YouTube clip or tutorial more helpful than a text guide.
People find checking out a YouTube clip or tutorial more helpful than a text guide. (Image: Lightfieldstudiosprod via Dreamstime)

While using YouTube for advertising and making revenue through it is viable, do not jump into it blindly. Everything that seems easy may not be a cakewalk eventually. You can try YouTube advertising, and even if the income flows, do not become dependent on it solely. The company keeps changing ad revenue rules from time to time. YouTube still is an excellent platform to reach your target audience but do not rely on it as the source of primary income. That can be pretty risky. 

How to stand out with YouTube advertising

Thousands of people hop on the YouTube advertising bandwagon almost every day. So how do you ensure your brand stands out amidst the rivals? There are a few things you can do here:

  • It is necessary to give your brand a relatable face. The person should be someone users can relate to, and they should be in sync with the brand image. For example, using a sportsperson to endorse your health supplements makes sense. Or you can rope in a fitness guru as the face of the brand. For a brand selling women-centric products, using a female icon or celebrity will be good. However, there is no hard and fast rule that you will have to make videos with icons and stars.
  • To make your video click with the target viewers, study the rival offerings well. You have to figure out missing things in video content used by the segment rivals. The missing element can be your brand USP and hook the users. 
  • Your videos have to be interesting enough to grab the attention of the target viewers. Remember that people scroll across so many videos while using YouTube. Your video should have a compelling look and catchy beginning to get them hooked. Being short and to the point helps, but nothing is set in stone. In some videos, you may have to be a little more elaborate to describe a concept or product. 
You will see many popular video clips with a section asking the viewers to comment, like, subscribe. (Image: Ymgerman via Dreamstime)

Just making enticing videos for YouTube will not do miracles for revenue earning. You have to equip the video content with YouTube SEO. Here, relying on relevant backlinks and keyword density will not yield results. The written elements should be lucid. The same written features have to be relevant to the search made by target users. 

When your videos start drawing visitors, you need to do what other successful and innovative Youtubers do. You will see many popular video clips with a section asking the viewers to comment, like, subscribe. If you can make videos that the viewers like and get enough comments and subscriptions, your channel’s ranking will shoot upward.

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