How NFL Star Anthony Harris Surprised an 11-Year-Old Female Fan

Audrey and Anthony sitting on a bench together.

Anthony Harris took 11-year-old Audrey Soape to a father-daughter dance after her father passed. (Image: via Vember Photo)

What relationship does Anthony Harris have with an 11-year-old female fan? Father-daughter dances are wonderful occasions that many young girls anticipate. It is a lovely time between a girl and her father to build a stronger bond. It also signifies a girl’s gratitude for her father’s love and guidance. As girls grow older, many would look back on those moments with their fathers with fond memories. 

But tragedy spoiled what would have been a special occasion for Audrey Soape, an 11-year-old girl who unexpectedly lost her father and grandfather in 2021. 

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Nonetheless, when the planned event was advertised by her church, Holly Soape, the girl’s mother, took matters into her own hands. Holly knew the death of Audrey’s father would leave a hole in the young girl’s life. But despite the pain of losing a husband and father, the mother was determined to find a way for her daughter to attend the father-daughter dance and have a memory to look back on when she grew up. 

A request to Philadelphia Eagles football player Anthony Harris

Football was a family affair for the Soapes. Audrey and her father, mother, and younger brother would watch football every Sunday. “I would expect to switch on the TV after church. But, instead, watching football motivated me to play,” Audrey said.

This season, sadly, Sundays won’t be the same.

“I knew it was going to be a sensitive thing for her. I knew it was going to be an emotional thing for her. I didn’t want her to miss it, but I didn’t want her to go with me,” said Audrey’s mom, Holly.

So the Texas mom thought of an idea that would make her daughter happy. She approached Audrey’s favorite football player, Philadelphia Eagles free safety Anthony Harris. She asked him if he would accompany her daughter, Audrey, to the father-daughter dance. 

She took a shot at it, but admitted that she expected him to say no. “I was wholeheartedly expecting a polite letdown,” Holly said.  

But, much to her surprise, the famous NFL player said yes. Soape explains: “I merely asked whether he’d be willing to come.” ‘Not only will I come, but I want to make sure she feels like a princess,’ he remarked.”

“I was just in tears,” Holly Soape said. “Because I knew even if she were going to the dance, I genuinely didn’t know how I would get all the stuff. I wanted it to be special for her.”

Anthony Harris arranged for a professional stylist to do her hair and makeup.
Anthony Harris arranged for a professional stylist to do her hair and makeup. (Image: Vember Photo)

Anthony Harris goes the extra mile for Audrey

There’s little doubt that the good-hearted athlete accomplished his goal when the magical moment happened. Anthony Harris not only flew into town to be Audrey’s date for the evening, but he also arranged for a professional stylist to do her hair and makeup. He also arranged for a car to drive her to her appointments. He also even ensured that Audrey wore the outfit of her dreams. Then, when the time came, he showed up at her home with a corsage in hand, ready to take the 11-year-old to the father-daughter dance.

The Soapes were moved by the NFL player’s selfless act, particularly after such a challenging year. Anthony Harris also took the time to meet Audrey’s younger brother to make the occasion even more special. Even still, the young girl said that she was both excited and nervous to have such a famous date, just like any other young girl. Audrey said: “I was quite frightened because I didn’t know what I would say when asked about the event. At first, it was awkward because we hadn’t begun chatting…But then he walked up to me and started talking to me.” 

Anthony Harris and Audrey Soape in one of their dances.
Anthony Harris and Audrey Soape in one of their dances. (Image: Vember Photo)

A priceless moment worth keeping forever

The story of Anthony Harris’ kindness has gone viral on the Internet since it was first reported. But rather than basking in the attention, the star athlete has stayed humble, claiming that he was “simply trying to be a person” and assist their family during this terrible time. 

“You have to treasure these moments,” Harris continues. “We never know how long we’ll be on this planet. As a result, show your support for the individuals you care about and love.”

The compassion and support Anthony Harris showed for Audrey and her family without even knowing them truly meant the world to them. And in the end, he gave them a night they’ll never forget. 

“We would all do anything for our kids when we see them suffering,” says Soape. “To know that there are people out there who will be there for your kids and you, it’s encouraging. And it turned this horrible tragedy into this triumphant moment.”

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