Several Countries Have Ended Their COVID Restrictions

A couple in a swimming pool at a resort with palm trees and tropical plants.

Costa Rica is open for tourism regardless of vaccination status.(Image: Eric Honeycutt via Dreamstime)

It has been two years since the outbreak and rampage of the pandemic began. Now, several countries have ended their COVID restrictions in an effort to welcome tourists and resume normal lives. Some of the countries are still enforcing some manner of travel restrictions on foreign visitors, such as requiring a quarantine after arriving. However, there are a good number of countries that are welcoming all tourists without requiring them to be screened or vaccinated.

According to their respective tourism websites, vaccination regulations for tourists vary depending on the destination country. Some countries require tourists to be vaccinated prior to entering the country while others only require screening, and some still implement much stricter rules. Below are some of the countries that have less restrictive policies at the time of this article.

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On February 20, Bahrain ended the need to conduct a PCR test on arrival and canceled the required quarantine. There are precautionary measures still in place at Bahrain International Airport that, if not followed, can result in your inability to access the airport.

A wooden boat sits on the sand and the blue doors of Arad Fort can be seen in the background in Muharraq, Bahrain in the Middle East.
People are now free to travel to Bahrain without needing to conduct a PCR test on arrival or undergo quarantine, but precautionary measures are still in place at Bahrain International Airport. (Image: Typhoonski via Dreamstime)

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is open to all visitors. For those who have never been vaccinated or are only partially vaccinated, they can still visit Costa Rica. For those who are fully vaccinated, i.e. who have completed the vaccination process 14 days prior to travel, there is no special travel insurance required. In addition, all visitors must fill out the relevant forms prior to travel.


Individuals who travel to Curaçao just need to fill out a digital Passenger Locator Card (PLC) at


Hungary has ended all COVID restrictions and travelers can now enter without the need for vaccination or immunity certificates, or any kind of tests.


Iceland is one of several countries that ended their covid restrictions. 69520327 © minnystock |
Iceland is also on the list of countries that ended their COVID restrictions. (Image: minnystock via Dreamstime)

Iceland has lifted all its COVID restrictions. The new rules, which took effect on February 25, do not require tourists to be vaccinated or screened. The Iceland government hopes the removal of COVID-related policies will increase the willingness of tourists to visit the country. All COVID-19 measures at the Icelandic border have now ended, therefore, no COVID-19 prevention measures will be in place at the border, regardless of whether individuals are vaccinated or unvaccinated.


From March 6, 2022, all COVID restrictions around travel have been removed. You no longer need to complete a passenger locator form. You also no longer need proof of vaccination or recovery, or a COVID-19 test.


Mexico does not require proof of vaccination or a negative test result, but it does require filling out a health form prior to the journey. Travelers must log in and fill out the information on the “México Vuela Seguro Platform” before boarding a flight to Mexico and show the resulting QR codes at the airport upon arrival. However, the land border between Mexico and the United States is currently open only to those who have been vaccinated. People who have not been vaccinated or are traveling for pleasure are not yet allowed to pass except for “essential crossings,” such as medical purposes, etc.


Mongolia doesn’t have any COVID restrictions. There is no required testing on arrival and no quarantine is necessary.

A Mongolian man on horseback with an eagle on his arm is out hunting by a river with grasslands, mountains, and high clouds seen in the background.
There is no required testing on arrival and no quarantine is necessary in Mongolia. (Image: Kairi Aun via Dreamstime)


No testing, no quarantining, no registration! As of February 12, 2022, all COVID restrictions have been lifted for all travelers to Norway.


COVID-19 travel restrictions have been lifted in Romania and travelers are not subject to quarantine any more.

United Kingdom

The government removed the remaining COVID-19 international travel restrictions for all passengers starting at 4 a.m. on Friday, March 18.

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