Children With ‘High Emotional Intelligence’ Often Express 4 Sentences

A group of children blowing bubbles.

As a parent, it's your responsibility to equip your child with the skills to succeed. (Image: Ammentorp via Dreamstime)

Parents generally aspire to have their children learn well, be imbued with a high IQ, possess a high level of emotional intelligence, and as adults, have proper moral conduct throughout their lives. The emotional intelligence of a child can be seen in their daily routines. If a child expresses the following four sentences, these will show that his or her emotional intelligence is very high.

4 sentences that reflect a child’s high emotional intelligence

1. You are so nice!

A child who utters this sentence will leave the recipient feeling warm and affirmed by others. Equally, this will leave a good impression of the child’s positive manner. Generally speaking, a child who knows how to affirm others and praise others definitely has high emotional intelligence. If your child often talks like this, you will naturally feel valued. 

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A child who knows how to affirm others and praise others definitely has high emotional intelligence.
A child who knows how to affirm others and praise others definitely has high emotional intelligence. (Image: Marian Vejcik via Dreamstime)

2. Thank you!

If a child often says “Thank you” to the people around them who help them, it shows that he/she is polite and grateful and that their IQ and EQ are both very high. If parents want to cultivate their children’s high emotional intelligence, they should start with the words “Thank you.”  Teaching children to be grateful from an early age will benefit their future growth.

One of the most heartbreaking things to experience is when a kind-hearted person offers help and the recipient responds with indifference. The kind person will inevitably feel uncomfortable.

Ensure you foster gratitude in your children by teaching them to say “Thank you.”

3. Are you all right?

When a child’s emotional intelligence is high, it means that he will be more sensitive and responsive to changes in the environment and to the people around him or her. For example, when the child’s friends or parents are stressed, the child will ask: “Are you all right?”

Expressing this sentence indicates that the child is in tune with your feelings and behavior and can honestly show their concern — a sign of high emotional intelligence.

4. I can do it!

Some parents feel that their children are still young and cannot do many things independently, so they often help them. Some children may accept their parents’ help, but others hope that they can do things independently, so they may refuse their parents’ help by saying: “I can do it!”

Little girl standing on a chair holding a sponge at a sink full of soapy water and dishes.
Some children may accept their parents’ help, but others hope that they can do things independently. (Image: Famveldman via Dreamstime)

Children who have this strong independent streak and an ability to deal with daily issues have a high level of emotional intelligence. Parents should cultivate these children’s talents.


If your child often conveys these four sentences, it shows that his or her emotional intelligence is very high, and you as a parent can be quietly satisfied. If a child only communicates one or two of these phrases, it is still an accomplishment to be treasured.

Emotional intelligence in children is very important for parents to cultivate from an early age. This will help the child to grow up and walk steadily and go far in life.

Parenting requires putting in quality time, energy, and effort. Moms and dads who feel somewhat inadequate at parenting would benefit from reading more parenting books and asking advice from more experienced parents. Spending quality time with children will help them grow up feeling secure, self-assured, and healthy.

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