How French Women Stay Slim: The Benefits of Developing a Healthy Relationship With Food

Smiling woman in black hat carrying sunglasses in her left hand looking fashionable, poses for a picture on stairs somewhere out of doors in the city of Paris, France.

French beauties are well-known for having thin and attractive figures, as well as for their elegance. (Image: Photosvit via Dreamstime)

French beauties are well-known for having thin and attractive figures, as well as for their elegance. They have a well-toned body that seems to be something that they inherited genetically because they are always effortlessly so slim

For years, people have wondered how French ladies maintain their slim figures.

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In our minds’ eyes, when we think of a quintessential French woman, we envision someone sophisticated and flawlessly poised in front of a café, enjoying her cappuccino and a croissant. She isn’t obsessively analyzing every mouthful or obsessively counting calories.

French women stay slim by having a healthy relationship with food.
We envision French women as being sophisticated and flawlessly poised in front of a café, enjoying a cappuccino and a croissant. (Image: Ruckzack via Dreamstime)

How can French women maintain their desired body although their cuisine is famed for its richness? It may appear to be the ultimate paradox – to be able to indulge in the most decadent delicacies while remaining healthy and trim. So, what exactly is their secret?

French women enjoy their food 

French women do not have an emotional attachment to food in the same way that most women do. In French cultures, “sinfully delicious” is a ridiculous cliché. To them, food is simply delicious, and to take delight in good cuisine is a well-earned pleasure. 

In some parts of the world, however, people often refer to food as “good” or “bad,” and use terms like “cheating” or having a “cheat meal.” Because eating elicits so many emotions, mealtimes are frequently stressful and humiliating. In France, mealtime is never skipped or rushed. While not every meal is lavish, it is always thoroughly enjoyed at a leisurely pace, generally in the company of good friends or family. 

French women have a healthy relationship with food 

It may seem counterintuitive, but French women remove any guilt and shame associated with eating and they allow themselves to simply enjoy their food. Because of this, they do not have to stress out over what to eat and how much of it, which helps them make healthier decisions when it comes to eating. 

They take their time when they eat. So, their bodies have more time to comprehend when they’re full which helps them to be less likely to overeat.

French women are mindful about what they eat and how they do it

French women practice mindful eating. This entails paying attention to what’s in front of you, including how it tastes, smells, feels, and looks. By being mindful of what they eat, they eat in moderation because they’re more aware of when they’re actually hungry than when they are only craving. They appreciate food and what it does for their body. 

Roasted deboned saddle of lamb with panisse and purple mustard, a luxury meal in a Parisian restaurant.
French women pay attention to the food in front of them and take delight in good cuisine. (Image: D Bergallo via Dreamstime)

In doing so, they create a better relationship with food. The way they are mindful about what they are putting into their body helps them avoid stuffing a bag of chips into their mouth without thinking about it.

French women do not diet to stay slim

This is surprisingly true. French women are not known for adhering to any rigid dietary regimens because they love and enjoy food. In moderation and proportion, French ladies eat everything, from cakes to pies. 

In France, excellent food and wine are ubiquitous, so French women do not usually abstain from enjoying their favorite dishes. Instead, they eat in tiny portions because they believe quality is more important than quantity. They also use smaller dinner plates rather than large dinner plates.

French women eat in moderation 

French women generally eat in smaller portion sizes. This excellent method allows them to indulge in seemingly sinful foods such as butter, cheese, wine, and dessert while maintaining a healthy weight. Because they are happy with their food, they feel content without overeating. 

French ladies adhere to a few easy guidelines to preserve their bodies without going hungry. They do not need to punish themselves with a restrictive diet which will only put their mind and body under great stress. 

The overall eating habits of French women reflect a positive approach to their relationship with food. They don’t gain that much weight because they are open and honest about their desire to maintain a healthy and thin body while also enjoying the pleasures of eating delicious food.

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