Everything You Need to Know About Hair Slugging

Try hair slugging for beautiful hair.

Hair slugging is a self-care hair remedy which sees those with long hair applying it with oil, wrapping it, and leaving it overnight. (Image: TikTok)

Those on social media never get enough of trying out new skincare and hairstyling hacks! The latest trend fuelled by social media platforms such as TikTok is hair slugging. This hack may restore the shine of your hair overnight, say, followers. But before you try it, it is better to know some details. 

What is it? 

So what is hair slugging? It denotes a hair care and rejuvenation process in which you apply oil to your hair and then leave it overnight to obtain the benefits. The core idea is that the oil’s hydrating properties will nourish the hair from the root to the end. This can be helpful if you are coping with hassles like hair breakage, curly hair, or split ends. Hair slugging is not precisely a drastic new invention. Many grooming experts across the world have followed the process. But trending on social media sites has made it very popular. 

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The process of slugging is quite simple

If you have thought that hair slugging is tedious, relax. The process is simple, and the results are pretty good. First, you have to spray water on your hair. After making it damp, apply the oil or hydrating hair mask evenly. Next, massage the hair well to ensure every strand is coated well. Now, use a silk wrap to cover your hair well. Finally, go to bed and do a rinse after you wake up the next day!

It is hard to set a fixed frequency for performing hair slugging. It depends on your lifestyle, scalp, hair type, and health. If you have dry and damaged hair, try it once a week. If your hair is not that bad, sticking to a once-a-month schedule is okay. 

Leaving the treatment overnight results in deep protein penetration that leaves the hair looking sleek with a high shine. (Image: Mane Addicts)

Mistakes to avoid

When you try hair slugging at home, avoid committing these mistakes. Unfortunately, some users have made these mistakes only to land up in a messy situation.

  • Do not coat your scalp with the oil or mask, as it can lead to uneasiness.
  • Do not apply the oil or serum on dry hair.
  • Refrain from using a sock to wrap up your hair.
  • Do not use hot water to rinse the hair the following day. 
The oil will moisturize and protect your strands while you sleep. (Image: marieclaire.com.au)

What do the grooming experts think?

Are you the kind of person who does not try out a new skin or hair care product or therapy without talking to a dermatologist first? Then you may pay heed to what dermatologist Dr. Kaveri Karhade has said about it. 

Dr. Karhade says: “Slugging is a fabulous trend for deep hair hydration. Since childhood, I’ve been doing a version of it with coconut oil nightlong. The general concept is applying a hydrating cream or oil to the hair, and then occluding it to help keep the moisture in and help it absorb.” She adds a fuzzy sock can aid the process, and using a heavier oil may offer deeper hydration.

Dr. Karhade adds that not all types of hair are suited for this treatment. She says: “Curly hair is by nature drier, and thus, deep hydration methods such as slugging provide more benefits. Thick, brittle, curly, or dry hair may benefit from the heavier oils with hair masks and slugging even more frequently.”

Summing it up

People who need to spend a lot of time outside during the daytime will gain from this process. If you find your hair is dry and looks coarse from exposure to sunlight and pollution, this is worth a try. Just make sure you evade the pitfalls and choose a schedule that best suits your needs. 

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