9 ‘Hidden Functions’ of a Hairdryer

A hairdryer with two leaves.

A hairdryer has become a necessary tool in daily grooming. (Image: Marco Verch via foto.wuestenigel.com)

A hairdryer has become a necessary tool in daily grooming. A good unit can enable your hair to dry quickly. There are also many ‘hidden functions’ that they possess that you may not be aware of. So let’s take a look!

9 unknown and useful functions of the hairdryer

1. Removal of refrigerator frost.

Due to cold weather, frost is not normally easy to melt. Using the hot air from a hairdryer is a convenient way to melt the ice and turn it into water.

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2. Re-crisping softened cookies 

Cookies can lose their original crispy texture. To revitalize them, use a hairdryer to blow hot air on the cookies for a while and upon cooling, they will crisp up.

3. Removing musty smells from clothes

During the rainy season, clothing can easily get smelly. Using a hairdryer can quickly remove the musty smell from clothes. This is especially helpful when you are in a hurry to go out and you find your clothing smelly and the use of any perfume fails to disguise it.

A hairdryer and musty clothing.
Using a hairdryer can quickly remove the musty smell from clothes. (Image: Flowertiare via Dreamstime)

4. Removal of keyboard dust

When your computer is shut down, use a hairdryer to blow onto the keyboard where there are any hidden gaps in order to blow out dust or hair particles. 

5. Drying damp shoes quickly

People who are prone to sweating in their shoes will create an environment for fungal and bacterial growth due to the moisture build-up in their shoes. In this instance, people can use a hairdryer to blow inside the shoes in order to kill any bacteria and fungi, as well as to dry out the shoes, making them more comfortable and healthier to wear. 

6. An aide to removing tightened screws

Blow hot air onto a screw in order to make it expand. After cooling down, the screw can be easily removed. 

A hairdryer and a drill.
Blow hot air onto a screw in order to make it expand. After cooling down, the screw can be easily removed. (Image: Denys Kovtun via Dreamstime)

7. Defogging a bathroom mirror 

Upon taking a warm or hot shower, the bathroom mirror becomes covered with water vapor. Blow it with a hairdryer and the water mist will disappear without a trace immediately.

8. Double-sided adhesive hooks

Use a hairdryer to blow the wall on which a double-sided adhesive hook will be applied; ensure it is hot to touch and then quickly attach the adhesive to the wall. This method will enable the hook to carry a weight of about 2.5 kg without falling of the wall.

9. Opening up the pores when cleansing your face.

Before washing your face, use a hairdryer at a slight distance away and blow for a short time against the skin to open up the pores in order to clean them more thoroughly.

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