Having Great Virtue Brings You a Brighter Future

Jiahong Su, a trail guide for the Alishan Forest Railway Management Office of the Taiwan Forestry Bureau, captured the natural beauty of the sunrise, sea of ​​clouds and cloud-fall at Xiaoliyuan's Mountain 360-degree viewing platform.

Wenliang Yu, had been known as a virtuous and talented person since he was young. (Image: via Jiahong Su)

At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, Wenliang Yu, a good friend of the great military counselor Liu Bowen, had been known as a virtuous and talented person since he was young. When he grew up, he was quite handsome. However, he was best known for his great virtue, such as righteousness, innocence, and protecting others’ reputations, thus making him a true gentleman.

Wenliang was once the family teacher for two children of a wealthy squire. Due to his dedicated efforts and wise guidance, his two disciples quickly enhanced their academic performance and character. Thus, Wenliang was highly respected by the squire.

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Time sped by, and one year later, Wenliang was awakened by intermittent knocks at his door one night. After listening carefully, he asked: “Is someone there?” Nobody answered, but the knocks continued.

Wenliang was quite confused. He hurried to get dressed and cautiously walked to the window to look outside before opening the door. To his surprise, he saw an exquisite young lady knocking at the door. The lady looked so beautiful under the moonlight that she seemed like a fairy. Wenliang asked loudly: “Please let me know what’s up? Or I will call for others!”

Old chinese red door with dragon head knobs at the Temple of Tayuan, Mount Wutai, China.
Wenliang was awakened by intermittent knocks at his door one night. (Image: Jun Mu via Dreamstime)

The beautiful lady answered with her sweet but nervous voice: “No, please! I am not a bad person; I am the squire’s daughter. Please open the door!”

Wenliang got more confused and asked gently: “Oh, I am sorry. Yet, why do you come here so late at night?” The young lady said shyly: “Mr. Yu, to tell you the truth, I was so impressed by your knowledge and your handsomeness that I fell in love with you, yet I could not get a chance to express my feelings for you.”

Wenliang interrupted the young lady before she finished: “Miss, I am sorry, but a single man and woman cannot be in a room at night! So please mind your behavior, and please go back!”

The lady would not give up but knocked harder. Wenliang became so angry that he shouted: “How bold you are! If you still will not go, I will call others!” The knocks came to an end. When Wenliang went near the window, he noticed that the young lady had already left.

After this, he was a bit relieved, yet he could not fall asleep. In the end, he decided to leave the place not to cause any trouble.

Early the following day, he hurried to say goodbye to the squire. To protect the young lady’s reputation, he explained that something significant had happened in his family, and he must go back home as soon as possible. He thanked the squire for his kindness. The squire had no choice but to see him on his way.

His virtue was great, so he told the beautiful young lady to go away.
The beautiful lady answered with her sweet but nervous voice. (Image: Mengzhang via Dreamstime)

Lu changed his fate because of his great virtue

Later on, he met his good friend Liu Bowen, who was good at fortune-telling. Bowen asked in surprise: “What great virtue did you do? Now you have changed your fate. So congratulations! You will gain great fame and fortune next year. What a blessing!”

Wenliang still would not tell the truth but said: “Well, I did not do anything great; neither do I dare to dream that I will succeed in the imperial exams. So please do not make fun of me!”

Bowen said thoughtfully: “Dear brother, please do not hide it from me. Just now, I have foretold what will happen to you. Yet I will not say anything as you wish.”

Then he laughed and spoke highly of Wenliang’s great virtue. The following year, the court held the nationwide imperial examinations. Wenliang was one of the top candidates. From then on, he completely changed his poor fate as a teacher. Later on, he was promoted and became well known for his righteousness, incorruptibility, and great virtue.

His later generations also benefited from his great virtue. His success could all be attributed to his great virtue.

It can be summarized in a poem:

Keeping innocence and protecting other’s reputations, a bright future is awaiting.

The great virtues of a true gentleman bring him great blessings.

We advise ladies and gentlemen with wisdom in this material world, please mind your behavior.

God bless gentlemen of great virtue and their generations with a bright future!

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