Fiji Is the Friendliest Destination


Fiji has many things to like, including its pristine natural environment, sandy beaches, and soft coral diving. (Image: Mike7777777 via Dreamstime)

Those bitten by the travel bug explore many tropical destinations, but Fiji has its own charm. The group of 333 tropical islands located in the northeast of New Zealand is a superb travel destination.

Fiji has many things to like, including its pristine natural environment, sandy beaches, and soft coral diving. However, the mindset of the native people is a big draw for travelers. Fiji is said to be the friendliest country globally, and the warmth shown by the natives towards visitors is fantastic.

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On-water accommodation in Fiji.
Since there are so many islands, you will never be short on activities worth doing while traveling in Fiji. (Image: Reve15 via Dreamstime)

A close-knit social structure

The first thing the visitors to the Fiji Islands notice, a part of the natural bounty, is the close-knit social structure. The bond between families and relatives is vital, and this homely ambiance makes them welcoming to visitors.

Another notable thing is that people from different cultures and religious backgrounds live in harmony. People from various nations have settled in Fiji, and the multicultural ambiance is unique. The people from different ethnicities live in peace.

The islands are peaceful, and visitors usually do not experience unpleasant developments. This is why travelers of varying types, including families with kids and honeymooning couples, prefer Fiji as their destination.

Of course, there are many other reasons to plan a trip to Fiji apart from its friendly people. The temperature and climate in these islands are generally soothing. It is never too cold or too hot, and you can enjoy beach life with abandon.

Eclectic cuisine

Tourists also love Fiji for its eclectic cuisine. The cuisine is a blend of the culinary styles of Southeast Asia, China, and India. Then, of course, there are typical Melanesian staples like seafood, coconut, pork, taro, and tropical fruits.

While you may not like the taste and flavor, you cannot just tour Fiji without gulping down kava. This ceremonial narcotic is their version of beer. However, drinking kava will not make you intoxicated, unlike alcohol.

If you are the kind of person who loves spending leisure time minus a schedule or does not like time-bound tours, Fiji is just for you. You will enjoy listening to the music while enjoying sumptuous local foods and staring at the night sky, lit with stars. The atmosphere everywhere is so relaxed that you will forget all stress. Nature and wildlife lovers have many things to explore in these serene islands.

A fan coral on one of Fiji's coral reefs.
Swimming and snorkeling lovers will find Fiji a piece of heaven. (Image: Andrew Jalbert via Dreamstime)

A diving enthusiast’s paradise

Since there are so many islands, you will never be short on activities worth doing while traveling in Fiji. First, you can take a picture of the fantastic sunsets and sunrises. Swimming and snorkeling lovers will find this island a piece of heaven. There are some islands where diving and swimming lovers congregate.

Head to the pretty Yasawa Islands if you like dry and warm places. Naviti Island is famous for its cave complex. Then there is Gau Island, with its incredible biodiversity.

The marine wildlife is mind-blowing. Seasoned diving lovers prefer the Ngali Passage, and it is also a haven for wildlife lovers. Another must-visit destination in Fiji is the beautiful Namena Marine Reserve, a 70-square-kilometer reef.

The diving sites in Fiji are unique, and they are suited for both new and seasoned diving enthusiasts. They are also filled with various fish species and underwater plants. While you can indulge in diving yearlong in these places, July to December is deemed the best time.

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