Your Thoughts Can Affect Your Health

Positive thoughts give off positive energy.

Positive and optimistic thoughts combined with a loving heart are indispensable factors to good health. (Image: Alexandra Barbu via Dreamstime)

Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., a nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, and researcher, is the author of the bestseller Power vs. Force. He discovered that when you harbor negative thoughts — such as complaints, accusations, or hatred — toward others, you reduce your energy level and carry a low vibration frequency.

Vibration frequency is often referred to as a magnetic field. Dr. Hawkins believes many people get sick because they lack compassion, love, and tolerance. As a result, they are often miserable and depressed, and prone to physical diseases.

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Positive energy level from positive thoughts

Studies have shown that the vibration frequency ranges between 1 and 1,000, with one being the lowest and 1,000 being the highest. So far, the highest vibration frequency Dr. Hawkins has encountered was 700. When a person has a powerful frequency, their presence can affect the magnetic field over a wide area.

From a medical point of view, Dr. Hawkins believes that thoughts are powerful and significantly impact human health. Therefore, positive and optimistic thoughts combined with a loving heart are indispensable elements for good health.

Dark haired man in a blue suit jacket leaning on a table with fist clenched and an angry expression on his face.
Dr. Hawkins believes many people get sick because they lack compassion, love, and tolerance. (Image: 3760790 via Pexels)

Negative energy level

Dr. Hawkins investigated tens of thousands of cases globally, and the results were always the same: As long as a person’s vibration frequency is below 200, that person will be sick.

High-frequency thoughts — such as compassion, love, tolerance, and gentleness — carry a frequency of between 400 and 500.

Conversely, anger, blame, resentment, jealousy, and selfishness carry a shallow vibration frequency that can cause cancer, heart disease, and many other illnesses.

Secrets to longevity

Interestingly enough, diet and exercises are not the most critical factors to longevity. Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, a 2009 Nobel laureate in physiology, summed up the elements for longevity:  If you want to live for more than 100 years, a sensible diet accounts for 25 percent, other factors  25 percent, while psychological balance accounts for 50 percent. To be a centenarian, the following points are worth considering:

Good mood vs bad mood

If you are restless all day and your mind is filled with anger, tension, greed, and evil thoughts, your body will produce stress hormones that damage your immune system.

Psychologists have found that your body can produce enough stress hormones to kill a mouse when you are outraged. However, your brain secretes dopamine and other beneficial hormones when you are happy. There is a shared trait among centenarians — they all have joyful hearts.

An older and younger women on a couch.
Psychiatric experts say that doing good deeds fills your heart with joy, suppressing stress hormones and increasing the production of beneficial hormones. (Image: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz via Dreamstime)

Goal setting can stimulate the vitality of life

When people don’t have a goal in life, death often becomes their final goal, and their mental health suffers. Maintaining a positive attitude and striving to find ways to achieve a goal will stimulate brain cells and prevent early aging.

Cultivating compassion and doing good deeds

Psychiatric experts say that doing good deeds fills your heart with joy, suppressing stress hormones and increasing the production of beneficial hormones.

Harmonious family

A harmonious relationship with family members is another way to prevent the release of stress hormones. At the same time, when your emotional needs are met, you will feel joyful.

Kindness begets kindness

Many psychiatrists believe that giving from a kind heart is the prevention and cure for depression.

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