Feng Shui of the Hallway

Good feng shui in the hallway.

Seeing festive decorations or auspicious handcrafted pieces when first entering a home can bring joy and lift your spirit. (Image: Janecat11 via Dreamstime)

Feng shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is an ancient Chinese traditional practice of using energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. The term feng shui means, literally, “wind-water.” From ancient times, landscapes and bodies of water were thought to direct the flow of the universal Qi – “cosmic current” or energy – through places and structures.

Because Qi has the same patterns as wind and water, a specialist who understands them can affect these flows to improve wealth, happiness, long life, and family; on the other hand, the wrong flow of Qi brings terrible results. More broadly, feng shui includes astronomical, astrological, architectural, cosmological, geographical, and topographical dimensions.

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The feng shui when first entering a home’s hallway or foyer is vital to the well-being of its occupants. The following decorating tips can help invoke positive feng shui in your home.

The proper feng shui for your hallway

Festive items

Seeing festive decorations or auspicious handcrafted pieces when first entering a home can bring joy or lift spirits. The front door area must be decorated well inside and out.


Plants symbolize nature and life. They bring good luck to the family.

Plants symbolize nature and life.
Plants symbolize nature and life. (Image: Monkey Business Images via Dreamstime)


A good painting or calligraphy piece shows the cultivated quality of the household. It can ease the pressure from the outside world for people who enter the house and adds a soothing ambiance within.

The following things should be avoided, as they affect the well-being of the family:

Cooking stove

According to ancient teachings, seeing a stove when entering a house keeps money away. In feng shui terms, a stove represents heat. When heat rushes to people as they open the door, the stuffy entrance means that there is no space for money to slip in.

In feng shui, a mirror reflects the flow of wealth away from the entrance.
A mirror reflects the flow of wealth away from the entrance. (Image: Hunterbliss via Dreamstime)


A toilet is a place of filth. Imagine a flow of filth rushing toward you every time you open the front door. Who would like to visit you? Not the God of Wealth!


A mirror reflects the flow of wealth away from the entrance. If it faces the front door, it blocks any good luck that might come into the house every time the door is opened! It brings bad luck.

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