Tips for Maintaining Femininity and Health While Studying

Stressed female Asian college student rubbing her temples while reading from a laptop screen sitting outside on campus.

Life while in college can seem like it's all about studying, going to class, and writing papers. (Image: Poramate Cheewapat via Dreamstime)

Life while in college can seem to be all about studying, going to class, and writing papers. But women may find themselves losing their sense of femininity if they are constantly running around in sweat pants wearing yesterday’s shirt and the makeup they didn’t wash off from the day before with their hair in a messy bun. It can seem like there is no other choice than to put yourself last in order to finish all your assignments and meet your other obligations. But the truth is, you aren’t just a student and if you can recognize and embrace the fact that you are an individual who needs and deserves to be nurtured, you will thrive.

If you are among those women who are coping with the pressures of university life, don’t let it get you down. There are ways in which you can beat the blues in your college days and feel better.

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Morning routine

For many university students, it can be hard to find any time for yourself. Every minute may seem like it’s already scheduled with class time or time spent working on assignments or going to club meetings. While it’s tempting to just roll out of bed, grab some coffee and an energy bar and rush out the door, why not make “me-time” part of the schedule?

Asian woman standing on a balcony with a cup of coffee in hand enjoying the morning.
Creating a morning routine is a great way to get some “me time.” (Image: Marcos Calvo Mesa via Dreamstime)

Try waking up an hour earlier than normal and creating a morning routine. If you drink coffee, make some deliberate choices about it. If you’ve only ever had coffee from a machine, how about making it in a French press instead? If you always drink the same thing, try changing flavors. All these choices allow you to express yourself and your creativity.

Take a little time to sit outside and get in touch with your surroundings. Again, it’s all about being deliberate. Close your eyes and just breathe for a while. Notice the sounds and smells and how the air feels on your skin. Spend a few moments thinking about things you’re grateful for in order to cultivate a positive outlook to carry you through the day.

Treat the act of getting ready as another way to be creative. Pay attention and be present when you apply your makeup. Consider going for a new look. Spend some time putting a wardrobe together with clothes that make you feel confident and beautiful when you wear them.

Daily workout

Whether your thing is running, swimming, or tennis, having a daily workout routine is a great way to get in touch with your feminine body. Your body is amazing, and it’s an incredible feeling to experience it getting stronger and stronger. It can give your confidence a boost, too. When you push through physical limits in your workout, you’ll know that you can do hard things and will face all the other challenging tasks in your day knowing they will just make you stronger.

Make it beautiful to maintain your femininity

One way to stay in touch with your femininity is to surround yourself with beauty. Okay, so on a student’s budget that might not be so easy, but you can still make a small investment in things like a daily planner with a beautiful design, fancy pens, floral notebooks, and other accessories. These little things may even make doing your assignments more enjoyable.

Beautiful pens and notebooks can help bolster your femininity.
Beautiful pens and notebooks can help bolster your femininity. (Image: Anna Vasileva via Dreamstime)

Bedtime routine

By the time you’re finished with all you need to do for the day, you may be feeling exhausted, but establishing a daily bedtime routine is worth the effort. It doesn’t have to be anything that complicated. You could play some relaxing music to help your brain unwind. Pay attention while washing your face. Do it deliberately, noticing how the water feels as it washes away the sweat and grime from the day. Notice the silky feel of the moisturizing cream as you rub it in. Finally, spend a few minutes to think of the blessings in your life. It can be as simple as asking yourself to recall three good things about your day.

College life can dish out plenty of hurdles and make you feel like being a student is the sole purpose of your existence. Take some time to nurture yourself along the way. Not only will you stay healthy both mentally and physically, but you’ll also be experiencing and expressing the beauty of your femininity.

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