Kindness Is the Patron Saint of Life

Red glass heart being held in a woman's hands.

On the journey of life, please walk with kindness along the way because kindness is the patron saint of your life, and she will bring you luck, fraternity, and the most beautiful blessings on earth. (Image: Romolo Tavani via Dreamstime)

These are two short stories from the newspapers on the power of kindness.

Conversion of a child trafficker

A human trafficker kidnapped a 5-year-old boy. The little boy did not cry like other children might do in the situation. He kept calling the trafficker “Uncle.” He took out a piece of candy from his pocket and said: “Uncle, I love to eat this type of candy. Do your kids like candy too? I give this to you, it’s pretty sweet.”

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At this time, the man remembered that he also had a home and a 5-year-old daughter. His daughter also liked to eat candy. Every time the daughter ate candy, she would put a piece in his mouth and gently ask: “Daddy, is it sweet?”  Only then did he realize that living in the most difficult times has its sweet side.

The kindness shown by the little boy stirred his conscience, as the candy reminded the man of his own daughter.
The candy reminded the man of his own daughter and the boy’s kindness stirred his conscience. (Image: Jokerproproduction via Dreamstime)

The little boy’s words stirred up the man’s conscience, which had not yet been completely lost. The words also stirred up his cherished feelings for human affection. So he decided to surrender himself.

After the case was over, all the criminals were sentenced to death except for him. Instead, he was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. 

It can be said that it was the remaining kindness in his heart that saved him. If he had not returned the child at that time and had not surrendered himself, sooner or later he would have been caught and eventually sentenced to death.

Saving self by saving others

After graduating from high school, I worked as a construction worker because I did not get into college.

One day, I was standing under the scaffolding with a co-worker. Suddenly there were screams around me, and I found that there was a shadow coming from the place where my co-worker was standing. I did not think much about it, and rushed to the co-worker and pushed him out of the way for some reason.

Worker in a yellow hard hat looking out over a construction site.
I rushed to my co-worker and pushed him out of the way. (Image: Kittichai Boonpong via Dreamstime)

Just then, there was a loud bang behind me. I looked back to see that a heavy cement slab had fallen onto the spot where I just stood.

I was fortunate that I saved myself by saving others.

At that moment, I stood in the warm sunshine with the spring breeze gently blowing in the air, the blue and white clouds above my head, and the blessed faces of my co-workers nearby. I had never felt so strongly that “life has become so precious and beautiful because of kindness.”

In the journey of life, please walk with kindness along the way because kindness is the patron saint of your life, she will bring you luck, fraternity, and the most beautiful blessings on earth.

Translated by Chua BC

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