9 Potential Health Hazards Linked to Cell Phone Use

Boy using a mobile phone.

Most boundaries are for a good cause, and it's to avoid over-the-line actions that lead to excessive use of anything or, in some cases, addiction. (Image: Prudencio Alvarez via Dreamstime)

Cell phones, also known as mobile phones, have become multifunction tools in everyday life. They surpass the traditional function of a phone, a source of contact and communication between family, friends, and business associates.

Cell phones enable people to achieve instant service via text messaging, bill paying, accessing and transferring money, online shopping and medical assistance, video conferencing, and gaming, to name a few.

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This device has permeated every aspect of people’s lives to a large extent; it could be said that it has become an additional appendage to the human body. However, people do not realize that this addiction and prolonged physical contact with cell phones can lead to cardiovascular diseases such as cerebral infarction and other health issues.  

People do not realize that this addiction and prolonged physical contact with cell phones can lead to cardiovascular diseases such as cerebral infarction and other health issues.
People do not realize that this addiction and prolonged physical contact with cell phones can lead to cardiovascular diseases such as cerebral infarction and other health issues. (Image: via Pixabay)

9 known and possible health issues associated with prolonged cell phone usage

1. Cerebral infarction and cardiovascular diseases

Turning one’s head on one side to read the cell phone messages on a long-term basis may cause the compression of blood vessels, thus blocking normal blood flow, which might lead to developing thrombus. As a result, a more severe condition such as cerebral infarction might develop, inducing a life-threatening situation.

2. Damage to the nervous system 

Cell phone radiation will damage the normal function of the nervous system and induce a series of health problems such as memory loss, headaches, and interference with sleep, to name a few.   

3. Disorder of the endocrine system and diabetes

Long-term sleeping problems will induce a disorder of the endocrine system leading to metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

4. Various problems with the neck

Bowing one’s head to read the cell phone on a long-term basis will compress the neck, thus causing various neck problems. A severe condition such as a stroke might suddenly occur.

5. Tendonitis of the thumb

Sending text messages repeatedly might result in soreness of the thumb and swelling of the tendon. Multiple and prolonged uses will cause muscle strain, leading to tendonitis and tenosynovitis. If not relieved, the tendonitis will become chronic.

Tendinitis is a condition in which a tendon is inflamed, causing swelling and pain. Tendons are strong cords of tissue that connect muscles to bones. Tenosynovitis is a condition that’s linked to tendinitis. It occurs when the lining of the sheath around a tendon is inflamed.

6. Myopia and dry eyes

Long-term cell phone use might cause skin allergies, myopia, and dry eyes.

7. Memory impairment

Excessive use of cell phones will impair memory and lead to accidents due to distraction.

8. Growth impairment in children

Repeatedly sending messages with the cell phone can lead to finger deformities during children’s growth. In addition, talking and sending messages on the phone will deprive children of the opportunities to communicate with others face to face, which might lead to timidness, loneliness, and paranoia in children.

9. Interference with human communications

Excessive use of cell phones blocks human communication. People who used to talk to each other at a dinner table may now each read a cell phone while eating. It is impolite to use a phone while eating with others, which might estrange one’s relationships with family members and friends.

Excessive use of cell phones blocks human communication.
Excessive use of cell phones blocks human communication. (Image: via Pixabay)

Three things to remember when using a cell phone 

1. Do not keep the same posture for a long time 

Doctors recommend that one uphold a correct posture while using the cell phone and avoid remaining in the same position for a long time.

2. Take a rest every half an hour   

When sending a message on the cell phone, it is recommended that you look away from the screen now and then to get some rest for the eyes. In addition, the time to write a message or play games should not exceed half an hour.

3. Use massage or a hot towel to relieve soreness of the arm and thumb

Arm or thumb soreness can be reduced by improving the blood circulation via massage or a hot towel.   

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