7 Beautiful, Non-Toxic Plants That Are Safe for Cats

Cat-friendly plants.

The good thing is there are many species of indoor plants that are not harmful to cats and most other pets. (Image: Frenk And Danielle Kaufmann via Dreamstime)

People keep many species of indoor plants in their homes. These include orchids, cactuses of varying types, and flowering plants too. These indoor plants not only help enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room, but also enhance the supply of oxygen. However, you may not be aware some plants are not suited for your beloved pets, including cats. While not every pet cat will indulge in chewing the plant leaves or flowers, some of them might. Definitely, you do not want your feline companion to fall sick after chewing and eating plant leaves, stems, or flowers of toxic plants 

Some ideal cat-friendly indoor plants

The good thing is there are many species of indoor plants that are not harmful to cats and most other pets. If you pick from these plant species, you are on the safe side. Listed below are some such plants that are safe for cats.

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1. Spider plant

These plants look simple but pretty. You can also hang them from hanging pots to ensure your cat cannot reach them easily. Besides, these plants grow quite fast. These plants grow well in a humid and warm atmosphere. You can apply mist on the leaves daily.

A spider plant and a cat.
A cat and a Spider plant. (Image: Alex Bramwell via Dreamstime)

2. Gloxinia

Are you fond of indoor plants that produce attractive flowers too? Then, Gloxinia is what you may consider for a home with cats. The plant has large leaves and flowers in bright hues like pink, red and purple. Keep it out of direct sunlight to ensure optimal growth. Besides, the soil of the pot has to be kept moist. 

A pink hybrid Gloxinia plant.
Beautiful gloxinia flowers. (Image: Christian Weiß via Dreamstime)

3. Canary date palm

This is among the large-sized indoor plants you can keep. The plant exudes a tropical vibe. It needs exposure to direct sunlight. So, keep it near the window or balcony where sunlight is abundant. The soil should have good drainage.

An indoor date palm.
A canary date palm. (Image: Misha Beliy via Dreamstime)

4. Calathea

This is also called the zebra plant. The striped leaf pattern is what catches the eyes. They can be kept in shade. The environment should be rather humid. Ensure the soil does not get dry.

The striped leaves of the zebra plant.
Calathea ornata, also called the zebra plant. (Image: Ilja Enger Tsizikov via Dreamstime.com)

5. Peperomia species

The many varieties of Peperomia are considered pet-friendly. You do not need to water this plant frequently. You can put the plant in hanging pots as well. It needs bright light but evade exposing it to direct sunlight. It likes acidic soil that is loose and aerated.

Peperomia indoor plants do not need to be watered frequently.
A peperomia plant. (Image: Tamar Dundua via Dreamstime)

6. Mosaic plant

This is known as the jewel plant, too. The plant looks stunning when fully grown. Its deep green, veined leaves enhance the look of your rooms. However, it needs the right atmosphere to grow. The soil should have a peaty mix and there should be diffused sunlight along with high humidity. Frequent watering is needed and try to evade direct sunlight exposure. 

The elegant leaves of the Mosaic plant.
A mosaic plant, also known as a jewel plant. (Image: Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr)

7. Haworthia

Also called Zebra Cactus comes in several variations. The species are safe for cats and the sharp pointy exterior is likely to keep the animals away from it. It would be ideal to keep the plant a little above the floor level so that your cat does not accidentally get injured by jumping or running onto it. 

Haworthia a cacti suitable for indoor use.
Haworthia fasciata, also called a zebra cactus. (Image: Taniawild via Dreamstime)


You may also try cat-friendly plant species like The African violet, Haworthia, Paddy’s wig, Venus fly trap, and Brazilian orchid.

Avoid using these plants to keep your cat safe

There are some pretty and popular indoor plants that prove to be really toxic for cats and other pets. So, no matter how much they appeal to you, evade keeping them inside the home at any cost.


lilies look delicate and beautiful but they are toxic to the cats. All parts of the plant are harmful to cats.


Monsteras are known as mildly toxic for pets and avoiding them is a good idea if you have cats at home.

Snake plants

Snake plants should be avoided to keep your cat safe. 

Snake plant.
Snake plant or Dracaena trifasciata (Image: Mycolor via Dreamstime)

Summing it up

The noteworthy thing is some house plants prove to be toxic only to cats but they do not pose harm to humans and other pets, such as dogs. It actually depends on how the plant interacts with the body and how it gets metabolized. For example, onions and garlic are used by humans but they are not suited for dogs and cats.

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