Son Discovers His Biological Mother Works at the Same Hospital

Mother and son reunited.

An adopted child from Utah always wanted to meet his biological mother, but he never realized that she was only just down the hall. (Image: via St. Mark’s Hospital)

It is always a blissful experience for children to reunite with their parents. In one such incident, an adopted son finds his biological mother at the same workplace. The son lives in Utah and has always wanted to reunite with his biological mother. He was surprised to find out he had been working with her at the same place, without knowing it! Both were unaware of it.

The son, Benjamin Hulleberg, is an employee at the St. Mark’s Hospital located in Salt Lake City, and Holly Shearer, his biological mother, also works there. They may have met each other numerous times without even knowing the bond. Benjamin tried to locate her in many ways, and his adoptive parents did not stop him from doing so. They kept his biological mother updated about the developments up to a time.

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Keeping a distance

Holly Shearer never forgot the child she gave for adoption when she was a teenager. But while the Hulleberg family kept Holly updated about her son, she decided to keep a distance to ensure the child grew up without facing any kind of mental turmoil. 

Shearer was only a teenager of 15 when she became pregnant and gave birth to the child. At that time, she was not in a position to bring up the child and decided to put him up for adoption. She wanted the child to grow up in a proper atmosphere.

The biological mother of Benjamin Hulleberg is an employee at the same hospital he works at.
Benjamin Hulleberg is an employee at the St. Mark’s Hospital located in Salt Lake City, and Holly Shearer, his biological mother, also works there. (Image: via St. Mark’s Hospital)

After a time, Holly did not get updates on her son and she could no longer suppress her emotions for him. She sent her a message online on his birthday. Benjamin said of the experience: “I was crying. It was all very positive emotions. But to me, this is a day I had been waiting for for the past 20 years, and to imagine that it was finally happening was outrageous. It was a lot to take in.”

A reunion

While Hulleberg was unsuccessful in locating his biological mother, Shearer managed to find her son online. She was a little skeptical about contacting him initially. She pondered over the impact it would have on the youngster. However, motherly instincts eventually won, and she sent the message via Facebook messenger.

After overcoming the initial flood of emotions, he asked for a reunion. Later, he found out he had a half-sister and half-brother. The mother-son duo was somewhat amazed to learn that they kept interacting without knowing each other at the workplace. This factor added to the reunion experience.

They eventually met in November 2021. Hulleberg recalls the first meeting experience: “When I saw her, she stood up, hugged me, and I cried. I just looked at her, and I was like: ‘You’re real like you’re in front of me.’ And it was surreal. I would say it was a dream come true.” Hulleberg also met his half-siblings afterward.

It was always a dream to meet the woman he only knew as Holly, a person who his adopted parents never discouraged Benjamin from trying to find and meet.
It was always a dream to meet the woman he only knew as Holly, a person who his adopted parents never discouraged Benjamin from trying to find and meet. (Image: via St. Mark’s Hospital)

Hulleberg was delighted and relieved to locate his biological mother after all these years, and she described the reunion and discovery as a healing process.

The adoptive parents, Angela and Brian, could feel she was attached to her child when they adopted the boy. That was back in 2001, and she met the son after 20 long years.

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