The Astonishing Impact of Our Thoughts 

Serious young woman lost in her thoughts.

Much like clouds floating across the afternoon sky, a multitude of thoughts come and go through our minds each day. (Image: Antonio Guillem via Dreamstime)

“Nothing can harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded.” — Buddha 

Much like clouds floating across the afternoon sky, a multitude of thoughts come and go through our minds each day. In fact, a 2020 study found that the average person has over 6,000 thoughts per day. That’s a lot of thinking!  

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But how many of us ever stopped to really examine our thoughts? And have we considered whether our thoughts are helping us or harming us?  

Renowned American psychiatrist and researcher Dr. David R. Hawkins helped shine a light on this very topic. He spent years studying the impact our thoughts have on us, and in particular, on our health. Hawkins believed that thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency, and after years of research, he concluded that “a person won’t get sick when the frequency of his thoughts is above 200.” 

Dr. Hawkins found that people who were sick generally had a lot of negative thoughts. For example, they held onto thoughts of resentment and liked to complain and blame others. This consumed a lot of their energy, making them prone to different types of illnesses.  

According to Dr. Hawkins, when people have a lot of negative thoughts it consumes their energy, making them prone to different types of illnesses.
According to Dr. Hawkins, when people have a lot of negative thoughts it consumes their energy, making them prone to different types of illnesses. (Image: Thanakorn Suppamethasawat via Dreamstime)

Lack of love can cause illness 

The frequency of vibration as determined by Hawkins has also been referred to as a “magnetic field.” According to Dr. Hawkins, people get sick because they lack good, positive thoughts, like compassion, love, and tolerance, and this creates a low or poor magnetic field. 

Hawkins said: “I can tell why these patients are ill. It’s because they are covered in suffering, hatred, and sorrow, with no feeling of love.”  

Love, also known as compassion, carries a very high frequency of vibration, whereas negative thoughts, like hatred, anger, fear, depression, and sorrow, carry a low frequency of vibration. Thus, love for others not only helps that other person, but it also helps us as well.  

People with a high vibration exude a beautiful energy field 

According to the vibration index, the highest frequency measured is 1,000, while the lowest is 1. The highest vibrational frequency Dr. Hawkins witnessed in people was 700, and they were even able to affect the magnetic field around them. 

Hawkins said that when a person has a high vibrational frequency, he makes things around him beautiful and peaceful. For someone with a lot of negative thoughts, and thus a low vibrational frequency, the magnetic field surrounding him is bad.  

A green square of paper that reads "Take 100% Responsibility" is attached to a stick and placed in a yard by a white fence.
Hawkins said that the vibrational frequency a person carries also affects the people and things around them. (Image: Artur Szczybylo via Dreamstime)

After neuroanatomist  Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor suffered a massive stroke in 1996, she became keenly aware of others’ energy. As she recounts in her book My Stroke of Insight, she was so much affected that she put a sign over her hospital bed stating: “Be responsible for the energy you bring into the room.”  

What are the manifestations of different levels of vibration? 

After surveying people of different races around the world, Hawkins came to the same conclusion —  as long as a person’s vibrational frequency is below 200, they will get sick; if their frequency is over 200, they will not become ill.  

People with vibrational frequencies over 200 share similar characteristics. They’re compassionate, loving, tolerant, and gentle; they do good deeds and show concern for others. Some of these virtues reach levels of 400 to 600, with courage at 200, reason at 400, love at 500, and peace at 600.  

On the contrary, those with low vibrations tend to be hateful, indignant, critical, reproachful, jealous, demanding, self-centered, and selfish, and they rarely care about others’ feelings. The vibrational frequency of shame, for example, has a level of 20, while apathy has a level of 50. Having a lot of negative or bad thoughts will significantly drop your vibrational frequency level, and can ultimately lead to serious diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.  

Dr. Hawkins understood that our thoughts have a tremendous impact on our health. A positive and optimistic attitude, along with a kind and loving heart, is essential not only for your own health, but also for having a positive impact on the world around you. If you can remember to “be responsible for the energy you bring into the room,” you can do your own small part to help make the world a better place.

Translated by Elaine

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