Why Hydrotherapy Is Good for Acne

Severe acne on the face.

When hair follicles, microscopic openings in the skin, are clogged, acne develops. (Image: Suzanne Tucker via Dreamstime)

You may cope with numerous skin ailments and infections, some of which can be annoying. Acne deserves mention among many skin problems that do not lead to severe consequences but make the victims suffer.

These skin eruptions, sometimes with reddish appearance and stiffness, may make you embarrassed, affect self-esteem and act like a pestering nuisance. In most cases, acne breakout is caused by hormonal imbalance or excessive oil creation by sebaceous glands.

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Acne appears and vanishes, but people with oily skin suffer from its recurrence. The efficacy of many treatment solutions, including OTC products, can be unpredictable. People with sensitive skin have to be careful about picking treatment options.

Hydrotherapy: What Is It?

If you are skeptical about using commercial acne treatment serums or lotions and want a more natural and safer alternative, trying hydrotherapy can be worthwhile. It involves water usage in varying temperatures to aid your body in flushing out impurities that lead to the formation of acne and pimples. 

Acne appears and vanishes, but people with oily skin suffer from its recurrence. (Image: Sarinya Pinngam via Dreamstime)

Hydrotherapy for acne can be administered in two ways-topical and colon cleansing. The topical method involves the application of cold and hot water on the skin in an alternate manner. Sometimes, you may suffer from the recurrence of acne owing to a malfunctioning digestive system. In such cases, performing colon hydrotherapy may be recommended. This is like reverse colon cleansing through the anus. However, the safety and effectiveness of colon hydrotherapy are disputed. 

Topical hydrotherapy is a safe and effective way to eliminate acne minus severe side effects. When hot water and cold water are applied to your skin alternately, your skin stretches and expands. As a result, the lymphatic system becomes active, and the body can eliminate accumulated toxins under the skin layer.

The root of hydrotherapy for skin ailments can be traced to the Roman era. However, contrast hydrotherapy as it is practiced now was devised by a Bavarian monk named Father Sebastian Kneipp.

Application of contrast hydrotherapy for acne treatment

Contrast hydrotherapy can be administered on your skin in many ways to eradicate acne. The basic idea is to expose the skin to hot and cold water blasts successfully. This helps eliminate acne and pimples and improves overall skin tone and health.

  • You can shower in cold water, followed by another in warm water.
  • You can splash the skin or face with warm and cold water several times.
  • It is also okay to soak a towel in warm water and wrap your body in it. Then, soak another towel in cold water and apply it to your body. This can be done in succession several times. 
  • You may also pour hot water into a bucket or pot and expose your skin to the warm vapor. Follow it up by splashing your skin with cold water. 
Topical hydrotherapy is a safe and effective way to eliminate acne minus severe side effects. (Image: Vlad Salikhov via Dreamstime)

Things to keep in mind

While opting for contrast hydrotherapy can be an excellent option to make acne disappear, you have to be mindful of several things. 

  • You have to be careful about water temperature when opting for hydrotherapy. The water should not be very cold or hot, or it may lead to skin blisters. People who are susceptible to colds should be careful as well.
  • Applying salt to the water is good, but think before adding any essential oil or bath salt. First, you have to check if you are allergic to the ingredients used in those skin care products.

If you find your acne is not getting eliminated even after trying hydrotherapy, it is better to consult a doctor or dermatologist. 

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