Mental Wellness: Protective Factors that Keep You Healthy

An Asian man looking contented.

Mental wellness is an important factor so that you can live life to the fullest. (Image: Songyuth Unkong via Dreamstime)

Mental wellness is an important factor that helps you have a fulfilling life. Therefore, a focus on improving your own mental health will mean you will feel even happier.

Strong psychological health is referred to as mental well-being. Becoming mentally healthy entails having an organized mind and working for your best interests. You possess the capacity to think, react, and behave in ways that enhance your physical and social well-being.

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Mental wellness vs. mental health 

In today’s society, mental health is being given more attention. Speaking about these issues can encourage individuals to exchange stories and seek assistance.

“Mental well-being” refers to a mental state in which your mind operates normally, and you can carry out productive daily activities. Mental health, however, is a condition of your mind’s well-being, whereas physical health is related to the condition of your physique. 

Is wellness an aspect of well-being? 

Total well-being includes a variety of factors, including wellness. But living a healthy life is just one aspect of it. 

Think about someone who enjoys going to work every day yet eats well and exercises frequently.

A woman sits with a laptop on a sofa, with a content expression on her face.
Living a healthy life is just one aspect of well-being. (Image: Simona Pilolla via Dreamstime)

Protective factors that can keep you healthy 

Mental health concerns can have varying causes. Different mental states can arise through various exchanges between the mind, body, and environment, which all influence your mental health.

The diverse and frequently complicated elements that influence our welfare and mental health are sometimes classified as risk factors or protective factors. 

Risk factors negatively impact a person’s mental wellness, but their mental health is strengthened by protective variables, which also help handle challenging situations. The following are protective factors that could help you be mentally healthy:

  • Capacity to handle stress
  • Overcome hardship
  • Physical fitness
  • Wholesome practices (meditation, yoga, qigong)
  • Encouragement from others and inclusion
  • Deep cultural passion and connection
A man running for exercise down a forest park trail.
Physical fitness has many benefits including improved mental health. (Image: Stefan Dahl via Dreamstime)

Prioritize mental wellness

Positive, self-assured, and joyful people have good mental health. They are in charge of their feelings, ideas, and actions. 

They can manage difficulties, forge solid connections, and enjoy life because of this. If you have strong mental well-being you: 

  • Recognize your talents
  • Handle life’s stressors and challenges
  • Work productively
  • Participate in your neighborhood

Working on your mental health takes time and commitment. Your psychological health will improve as you put more effort into it.

How does mental wellness impact mental health?

Being in excellent mental health is a state of general well-being rather than a lack of suffering. Although the idea is impacted by culture, it often has to do with enjoying life and being able to endure stress and despair, including the ability to “come back” from it. 

A woman sits on her bed journaling for her mental wellness.
Working on your mental health takes time and commitment. Your psychological health will improve as you put more effort into it. (Image: Luke Wilcox via Dreamstime)

Take action in achieving mental wellness 

Your brain is a strong organ. Your state of mind affects both your awareness and how your body functions.

Your mental health may suffer from stress, sorrow, and despair. Here are some things you could do to achieve and maintain mental wellness:

  • Make connections with others
  • Be active and fit
  • Expand and improve your skills
  • Share with others
  • Concentrate on the here and now (mindfulness)

Doing these things for yourself is important and will help you become the best version of you.

What do mental health and wellness entail?

Your emotional, psychological, and interpersonal well-being are all parts of your mental health. They influence your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. 

A woman sits in a field of grass and dandelions in peaceful meditation.
(Image: Anyaberkut via Dreamstime)

Build mental wellness

Your mental health has an impact on the thoughts, emotions, and actions you take every day. It also impacts your capacity to manage stress, overcome obstacles, form relationships, and bounce back from failures and difficulties in life.

It could be time to ask for the aid of a professional if you’ve consistently improved your psychological and emotional well-being but are still struggling to perform your best in your job, at home, or in your relationships.

You will still gain from doing these self-help measures, though. In reality, advice from a kind expert may be the best choice.

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