Torsion Field (Part 1)

A spiral galaxy.

The existence of the torsion field could be the key to understanding human supernormal abilities. (Image: Vladimir Sazonov via Dreamstime)

Can we actually read with our fingers? Can we communicate with the spirit world? The short answer is: Yes! But the secret lies in something known as the “torsion field.”

In 1998, in a presentation at a scientific conference on Hare Krishna Yoga in Russia, an incredible set of photographs emerged of Nirmala Srivastava, the founder of the world-famous Sahaja Yoga. Everything was normal to the naked eye, but when photographed through a soft film, an energy glow was captured. In the beginning, it is just like a normal photograph.

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However, more and more changes in the energy field can be seen in subsequent photographs. They show an alteration of the space itself, with Nirmala Srivastava being the source of that collective energy field. The change in the structure of the space becomes even stronger, with physical objects seeming to become almost invisible, until, in the last one, you can clearly see the complete structure of the alternate space.

Photograph taken through a film producing an image of an apparent alternate space with the original people and objects being photographed having disappeared.
In the last photograph, we can clearly see the complete structure of the alternate space. (Image: Just Strange screenshot via YouTube)

This report was made by an academic A.E. Akimov of the Moscow Academy of Natural Sciences, who believes that space is altered by a subtle energy called a torsion field. So what exactly is a torsion field? Does it explain the incredible phenomenon of reading with our fingers? Why does it distort space-time? Today, we are going to talk about the fifth fundamental force of the universe — the torsion field.

Discovering the torsion field: Finger literacy

In 1993, Professor Lee Si-chen, who was a professor of electrical engineering at National Taiwan University (NTU) with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University, conducted research on finger literacy. Finger literacy involves blindfolding the experimenter, then having someone write or draw on paper, then folding the paper and asking the experimenter to feel what the words are. His experiments confirmed the existence of finger literacy as a supernormal ability.

In addition to experimenting with existing people with supernatural abilities, he began training children aged 7-14, and the result was that between 10 and 40 percent of youngsters were able to successfully develop the supernatural ability to read with their fingers. Tang Dalun, an associate professor in the Department of Mass Communication at the Chinese Culture University, joined Professor Lee’s experimental team in an attempt to overturn the results of Lee’s experiment. But after five years of research, Professor Tang realized his naivety and the rigorous experimental procedures had convinced him of the authenticity of finger literacy.

What was even more intriguing was how these children managed to do it. After an in-depth interview, it turned out that the children were getting messages from someone in another dimension who would flash a pattern inside their heads through their celestial eyes so that they would know what words were written on the paper. At this point, the experimental team knew that there was no point in asking further questions, because they had no way of communicating with that person or confirming the existence of the being in the other dimension, and any further research would be deemed completely subjective.

It was at this time that the internationally acclaimed experimental physicist Professor Chen Chien-Te did something that became an important turning point in the experiment. He is a Buddhist, so he wrote the word “Buddha” on the paper. What appeared in the subject’s mind was a bright light and an image of a person. Miraculously, when the word “Buddha” was changed, for example with one stroke missing, the subject could still replicate the word correctly, but was unable to see any images in his mind. In other words, the word ‘Buddha’ has to be completely correct in order for one to see the extraordinary images of light and a human image.

Not only that, but they also found that when using the phonetic symbols for the word “Buddha,” or Sanskrit, the ancient classical language of India, the subjects were still able to see the light. The experimenters then tested it with other words such as Jesus, Laozi, Confucius, Bhaisajyaguru, and so on. They found the same light and human images appeared. So when it was a normal word, the subjects were able to visualize the word, but when it was any word related to religious figures, only light or human images would appear.

Statue of Lao Tzu in Tai Qing Gong Temple in Laoshan Mountain, Qingdao, China.
Words such as ‘Laozi’ also caused subjects to see a bright light and an image of a person. (Image: Giuseppe Sparta via Dreamstime)

From this moment on, Professor Lee’s research team found the key to talking to the spirits in the other dimension. He believed this is what’s commonly known as the “spirit world,” that is, apart from the material universe we know, there is another dimension filled with high-energy/high-intelligence consciousness. So now that the “spirit world” has been found, the next task for them was to find a reliable tool that could communicate with the spirit world.

Communicating with the spirit world through the torsion field

Firstly, Professor Chen considered the need to find a physical tool to communicate with the spirit world and to bring the spirit world into the realm of modern physics for research. He first tried using a crystal aura to communicate with the spirits, thinking that it would be possible to bridge the barrier between the two worlds.

Professor Chen made different generators of crystal auras. He wanted to measure the strength and shape of these auras, but he could not get any signal. So to complete the experiment, they resorted to using someone who had supernatural powers. Her palms were sensitive to auras and she could feel their strength and shape. However, as the process was subjective, the results they obtained from this experiment could only be used as a qualitative reference.

There are four fundamental forces in the universe: Gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force, and the weak nuclear force. Gravity is also known as “universal gravity” and is the least strong of these four forces. If we compare gravity to a kilogram in terms of mass, then the weak nuclear force weighs about 17 times the Earth’s mass, the electromagnetic force weighs about 8 trillion times the Earth’s mass, and the strong nuclear force weighs 167 trillion times the Earth’s mass — an astronomical difference.

There is a fifth force in the universe — the torsion field. This force is much smaller than gravity. If we use weight as an example, if we compare the force of the torsion field to one kilogram, then the force of gravity is the weight of 1,676 Earths. The force of the torsion field is so small that it would be very difficult to measure with instruments.

So what kind of force is the torsion field? In 2004, Lee came across several papers on the torsion field, a field that had been studied in the former Soviet Union for the past 50 years. He realized that the torsion field was not a new idea.

As early as 1915 when Einstein proposed the theory of relativity, he knew at that time that the existence of mass would cause the bending of space-time, but in order to simplify the mathematical formula, Einstein simply omitted the torsion field, that is, the distortion of space-time, equating it to zero, so there was no mention of this force in our textbooks. In 1922, the French mathematical physicist Élie Joseph Cartan added the spin-angle momentum of the torsion field to general relativity to make a more complete theory of relativity, but it did not receive the attention it deserved at the time.

In 1922, the French mathematical physicist Élie Joseph Cartan added the spin-angle momentum of the torsion field to general relativity.
In 1922, the French mathematical physicist Élie Joseph Cartan added the spin-angle momentum of the torsion field to general relativity. (Image: MFO via Wikimedia)

It was only in 1960 that Russian scientists began to make many in-depth theoretical and experimental studies of torsion fields. They also developed a torsion field emitter, which could alter the internal spin structure of any matter. They eventually arrived at three important physical properties of the torsion field.

First, the torsion field is a distortion of space-time, similar to the space-time bending of the gravitational field. It propagates through natural matter without loss of energy, and its action only alters the spin state of matter. Second, the transmission of the torsion field is not limited by light as it travels faster than the speed of light and can travel not only to the future, but also to the past. Thirdly, after the source of the torsion field is removed, the spatial spin structure remains.

Professor Lee was shocked to discover that these Russian findings turned out to be identical to the experimental results of his own research on crystal auras. He immediately understood that the crystal aura was the torsion field, a physical tool that could communicate with the spirit world, travel through time and space, and bring information and energy from the spirit world to the material world.

The aura of feng shui

The first person in Chinese history to introduce the concept of feng shui was Guo Pu of the Jin Dynasty. Feng shui is Chinese geomancy and is a traditional practice that uses energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. The ancients were great believers in feng shui, believing that one’s fortune, misfortune, and even career prospects could be influenced by one’s housing, ancestral grave location, and the environment.

When Professor Lee and Professor Chen studied the crystal aura, they found that the aura could pass through almost anything, but would be absorbed when it encountered water-soaked paper, which corresponds to the feng shui saying “stopping at the boundary of water.” When they removed the blades of an electric fan and had the crystal aura shining outward from the center of the rotating shaft, they found that the energy field spread out and became very long, which corresponds to the feng shui saying “when it meets the wind, it spreads out.” Therefore, the nature of the torsion field is very similar to the “qi” or vital force in traditional Chinese feng shui.

“Qi” can bring the dynamic information of a virtual image of an object into the material world in the form of a physical impression, causing the body to sense the results of good fortune and bad fortune. Therefore, in order to have a good living environment, first, it is necessary to block the wind, for example by having one’s home backed by mountains so as to avoid the wind blowing the “qi” away. Second, there should be a pond in front of the house, so that the “qi” can be collected in it. 

Taichi’s Bagua nursery

The Bagua, commonly used in feng shui, originated in China and consists of eight symbols used in Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality. Dark matter and dark energy in the universe each account for 23 percent and 73 percent respectively of all energy in the universe, while normal matter accounts for only 4 percent.

The Chinese bagua with eight trigrams surrounding the yin-yang symbol.
The Chinese Bagua with eight trigrams surrounding the yin-yang symbol. (Image: Jatuphot7 via Dreamstime)

Professor Lee proposed the “overlapping space-time theory,” which suggests that the universe is made up of four degrees of real space-time (yang), plus four degrees of immaterial space-time (yin), with dark matter and dark energy hiding in the world of immaterial space-time in the yin. Because he was inspired by a Taoist friend, Professor Lee believes that material and immaterial space-time intertwines like a 3D Taichi sphere. Their communication needs to go through the vortex of a fish-eye spacetime structure to complete the transition from yin to yang and from yang to yin.

In 2013, Alexander Burinskii, the Russian master of general relativity, proposed that “autorotation, due to the excessive rotation of particles (superluminal velocity), tears out an odd loop in space-time, forming two broken pieces of space-time.” According to Professor Lee, this act of cutting through space-time opens a channel between the material and immaterial worlds. Originally, these two worlds were like two sides of a piece of paper that was infinitely large and did not communicate with each other, but by drilling a small hole or cutting a crack in the paper, a channel appeared, and objects in the quantum state could enter the other side of the world through it.

Once the Bagua is hit with the crystal aura, Professor Lee finds that the images are changing in the immaterial world and through the crystal aura. It then projects that changing field onto our world, and so our world begins to change with it. In other words, the magical nature of the Bagua is not in this material world, but in another spiritual world, and the key to connecting the two worlds is the torsion field. 

Inspired by the Bagua and Taichi, Professor Lee planted his vegetable garden in the shape of the Bagua, which he found allowed him to use fewer pesticides and fertilizer. He discovered that if two plants, one yin and one yang, for example, one green and one purple, are planted in two half circles, one of them will invade the other’s corner and eventually the shape changes and it does not grow very well. If you add a small fisheye to the circle, in the shape of a Taichi, with other plants next to the fisheye, then each plant will grow very luxuriantly, and there will be fewer pests.

He also found that if planted in different shapes of different trigrams at different times of the year, the plants produced materially different yields. Professor Lee has been doing such experiments on a large scale for two years and has collected a lot of data on this. He believes that the use of the theory of torsion fields for agriculture is a very important direction for the future.

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