Free Your Thoughts: Relax and Reduce Stress Without Technology

Smiling woman lounging back on the couch.

Take some time away from technology and experience true relaxation. (Image: Martinmark via Dreamstime)

Modern tech has made true relaxation quite hard, often leading to stress. You stare at your computer all day only to go home and stare at your screens most of the night. During the COVID-19 lockdown, screen time increased dramatically. According to Frontiers, screen time increased by 70 percent and there was also a significant surge in streaming services.

Increased screen time has become a significant concern, especially in the last few years. Everything from shopping to education has gone online. While technology and social media are here to stay, there are healthier ways to unwind. Lack of relaxation has been linked to adverse complications like anxiety, sleep disturbance, eye strain, and depression.

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So how do you relax without tech and modern entertainment?

How to reduce stress without technology

Return to nature

Connecting to nature, even for a few minutes, works magic on our psyche. So if you’re feeling depressed, take a walk in nature or even sit in a park somewhere. You can take a walk in the woods, at the beach, or even play with your pet in a neighborhood park.

An old old staffie dog lying on its side in a park.
Connecting to nature can be as simple as going to the neighborhood park to play with your pet. (Image: Jomann via Dreamstime)

Studies have shown that nature can help you reduce anxiety and increase your creative capacity. So something as simple as watching sunsets can help change your ability and behavior.

Eat a meal without browsing or streaming

Most people relax by taking their meals while watching their favorite shows. It may be your feel-good activity, but it can be unhealthy. Watching or browsing while eating is distracting and may lead to bad eating habits.

If you want to truly relax, prepare your meal and eat it without tech. That way, you can savor every moment of your cooking and appreciate yourself. It also helps you slow down, enjoy, and promote general mind and body wellness.

Expressive writing

Many researchers agree that writing down your thoughts can be a stress-buster. But unfortunately, when using social media, all people do is take in information on top of information. So how about breaking this endless cycle of brain chatter?

When you feel stressed, jot down how you are feeling and how your day has been. You don’t have to follow literary rules, grammar, or perfect spelling. Just express yourself. 


It may sound funny, but most people forget to breathe. Or to at least breathe well. Stress can harm your breathing, so it’s important to become calm. Find some quiet place, take a lungful of fresh air, and then breathe out slowly.

Breathing exercises are simple relaxation techniques that you can use anywhere, anytime. Take a deep breath in for a slow count of three, and do the same as you breathe out. And voilà!


Like breathing, meditation is a powerful relaxation technique. Once in a while, it’s advisable to find a calming, relaxing place and clear your mind. Better yet, you can visualize your calm! 

Meditation can help you to relax and reduce stress.
You don’t have to be a monk to benefit from meditation. (Image: Strigana via Dreamstime)

The place you visualize can be within nature or anywhere in the world. Take in all the scents, sights, tastes, and sounds. If it’s in the woods, you can hear the birds and insects, see the verdant nature, or touch the trees.


Does the idea of an old-fashioned paperback novel resonate with you? Escaping into a fantasy world can be the stress-reliever you need.

Improve your hobby/talent

Focusing on your hobbies can free your thoughts and help you reduce depression. First, it’s something you like. Secondly, you might appreciate your efforts as you improve and create something beautiful. And thirdly, when you fully engross yourself, you give your brain the reboot it needs.

Also, some people have turned their hobbies into lucrative businesses.

Talk to friends or family

You’ve probably heard it for the umpteenth time, but we are social creatures. You probably don’t want another Zoom call, so it may be time for a good old face-to-face meet-up. Connecting with the people you love can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

Final thoughts

There are dozens of ways to relax without technology or social media. From taking a tech-free holiday to running a hot bath, reducing screen time can positively impact your life. 

Of course, it’s not an easy feat to do away with tech in the modern world. But you can live temporarily without tech. It might reduce several complications like depression, aggression, neck pains, and lack of focus.

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