Want to Become a Good Man, Then Hone These Qualities as a Boy

Smiling African American boy sitting on the beach.

If you instill these qualities into your son, he'll grow up to be a man you can be proud of. (Image: Spotmatik via Dreamstime)

It is expected that a man will have a solid character so that he can protect, provide for, and be with his family. But many men do not match up to these roles. Sons in such families do not get an ideal role model to follow.

Here are some qualities which help in becoming a good man. Try instilling these in your boy from a young age so that he acquires them to become a good human being.

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Hone these qualities as a boy


Try teaching your son to lead with courage. He should learn to stand by his convictions even if the consequences are not favorable. There will be a day when he will have his own family and he will have to make tough decisions as a father or as the head of the family.

Worried Asian businessman sitting outside holding a dispossable cup while rubbing his temples.
There will be a day when he will have his own family and he will have to make tough decisions as a father or as the head of the family. (Image: Wutthichai Luemuang via Dreamstime)

There will be criticism from family members or relatives for certain actions. But as a man, he should have the ability to overcome obstacles and be able to stand firmly by his decision. Therefore, he should be able to lead with courage.


A man is born great if he shows the quality of standing in the face of adversity with full perseverance. Doing certain things is never easy and requires lots of grit and determination. Boys must have perseverance from a young age so that when they grow up, they can deal with tough situations in life.

For a parent, teaching perseverance is probably the toughest thing to do. They have to resist the urge of saving and rescuing their son whenever he is struggling or is facing some kind of a problem. A parent has to teach the son to overcome the problem on his own.


Admitting a mistake is one of the greatest ego problems in men. They feel embarrassed to admit that they have done something wrong. This quality will have been in a man from a young age, since he was a boy.

A parent should tell their son to be honest all the time, even if he has made a mistake or made a wrong decision. A man who is honest with himself will be honest with others too. Never support small lies, thinking they are not generally harmful. Instead, tell your son that good manners and diplomacy will take him farther than resorting to lies.

Self-control and self-discipline

Many think that both these qualities are the same. There are differences, but they are interconnected in some ways. Self-discipline involves things that you should do, though you might not want to. On the other hand, self-control is not doing something that you want to, but shouldn’t.

Photo of a smiling young bearded man in a gray sweater outdoors in nature.
A man with self-discipline can do what he should even though he might not want to. (Image: Rido via Dreamstime)

Lacking either of these character traits proves to be problematic for men. Men can display indecent behavior toward the opposite sex and may develop addictions to things like gambling, drugs, drinking, adultery, pornography, etc. These not only destroy families, but also the individual. Self-discipline and self-control are inner strengths that a boy develops with time. When a boy is held accountable for his actions, he learns the skills of self-control and self-disciple.


Kindness and compassion are traits that you must develop in your boy from a young age so that he becomes a good person when he grows up. A kind man should be able to defend weaker people who cannot defend themselves. Protecting the helpless and the weak is an act of nobility and a child must learn this.

When a boy develops the character traits of compassion and kindness, he becomes an overall good human being.

Teach your boy these qualities and see how he grows into the kind of man you can be proud of.

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