Torsion Field (Part 2)

Silhouette of a man standing to practice meditation, superimposed on a colorful background of the universe with light rays swirling around.

Research into the torsion field and supernormal abilities may give mankind a new understanding of the universe. (Image: Alexandra Barbu via Dreamstime)

You’ve probably heard of the legendary Nikola Tesla. Tesla was a science genius, known as “the man who created the 20th century.” In his life, he developed and held more than 700 patents on his own and collaborated in the development of more than 1,000 items. Tesla said that his inventions and creations did not originate from him, but through a “cosmic information field,” which may have been a torsion field.

Tesla once said: “My brain is only a receiver. In the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” Tesla had many special abilities. He was able to catch extremely subtle sounds and had the uncanny ability to memorize seen text and images. He could also mind travel to other dimensions.

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Blue glitter particles background with shining neon stars falling down and light flare or glare overlay effect above.
Nikola Tesla said there was a core of knowledge in the Universe from which his brain received information. (Image: Ilyach via Dreamstime)

The most helpful ability for his profession as an inventor was that he could produce imagery in his mind, which is an extra-sensory power now called the “third eye” or “inner eye.” Therefore, Tesla did not need any models or drawings, nor did he need to conduct experiments. He could depict all the details of the design in his mind and continue to improve on it until the device was operable. Only then would he make a prototype for the physical production of the finished product.

That explains why his inventions were nearly 100 percent successful. In fact, for him, it was all a process of communication with the electromagnetic particles. Tesla was able to see that every single electromagnetic particle was an intelligent being and treated them as such. He was able to talk and give commands to them.

In Part 1, we talked about the “torsion field” as well as Professor Si-chen Lee. Professor Lee has been studying supernormal capabilities for more than 25 years and has been in contact with many people with special capabilities. Therefore, he can fully appreciate Tesla’s various supernormal abilities.

In 1996, Professor Lee started training children in finger literacy (the ability to read blindfolded with their fingers) and doing research into the third eye. It was in 1999 that Professor Lee made a major discovery that with special characters related to religion or sacred figures in history, such as Buddha, Bodhisattva, Jesus, Confucius, Lao Tzu, the swastika symbols and Taichi diagram, the children would see in their third eye a bright light, or glowing figures who were smiling at them. They would also see temples, crosses, and sometimes dark figures or hear voices. These results were totally different from the previous 800 sessions they did on word recognition with a finger.

In 1996, Professor Lee started training children in finger literacy,  which may be tied into the torsion field.
In 1996, Professor Lee started training children in finger literacy (the ability to read blindfolded with their fingers) and doing research into the third eye. (Image: Djvo16 via Dreamstime)

From then on, Professor Lee found the key to talking with the spirits in the cosmic information field. He believes that the material world we live in is a four-dimensional space-time, and there is another immaterial four-dimensional space-time commonly known as the “spirit world.” Any object in the material space-time has an identical form in the immaterial space-time. When the object enters the macroscopic quantum state, the material wave enables it to enter into the immaterial space-time. The experiments on communicating with the spirit world were done through a person with supernatural abilities, Miss T.  

Traveling the universe in search of the gods

In 2002, Professor Lee asked Miss T to use finger reading to identify the word “Jesus.” Miss T ended up seeing a cross first, but it was empty. Behind the cross, it was bright and looked like a door. She tried to walk through the door several times, but couldn’t. Even when she tried using different sacred words like “Amen” and “Hallelujah,” she still couldn’t get in.

It wasn’t until two years later that the experiment team asked Miss T to try again. They wrote Jesus on a slip of paper with the question “Can I enter heaven?” This time, Miss T saw a glowing doorkeeper through her third eye. She saw a light-filled road with a group of shining people at the back who she guessed were probably angels. Everything was very quiet and peaceful. 

A few months later, Professor Lee asked Miss T to visit Bhaisajyaguru Buddha’s medicine garden. Bhaisajyaguru is the Buddha of medicine and healing. In Miss T’s third eye, she saw at once that there were five bright circles in a row, and the rows extended downward with weaker brightness in the middle. She then thought silently in her mind: “Can I go in?”

At that moment, a very tall and bright person appeared and asked which one she wanted to see. She felt that the person was Bhaisajyaguru Buddha. Miss T said: “I want to see the eighth one.” Bhaisajyaguru Buddha pointed and she saw a botanical garden with golden light shining and the composition of a particular plant. The scene in Miss T’s third eye ended there.

Next, Miss T asked again: “Can I see another one? The sixth one.” Bhaisajyaguru Buddha said: “This is the last one. You can’t see any more.” Bhaisajyaguru Buddha pointed again and she saw a botanical garden with vines hanging down from above that were soft and translucent and floating around with glowing tips. A feeling of peace washed over her.

On another occasion, Miss T visited Bhaisajyaguru Buddha’s pharmacy, which was full of glowing medicine cabinets and medicine bottles. Miss T asked if she could take some medicine for Professor Chen who was sick. Bhaisajyaguru Buddha allowed her to get some, but she was unable to take it out. Despite that, Professor Lee and all team members present suddenly smelled a herbal medicine aroma diffusing in the laboratory. All agreed that it was the smell of medicine from the pharmacy of Bhaisajyaguru Buddha.

Blue statue of the medicine buddha sitting next to some zen stones and an orchid flower with blue sky and white clouds in the background.
Bhaisajyaguru Buddha allowed her to get some medicine, but she was unable to take it with her. (Image: 2bears via Dreamstime)

Contact with aliens

Miss T actually sees things with the help of a master in the spiritual dimension. In June 2002, Professor Lee asked Miss T to ask the master if he could introduce an alien to her. After half a year, the master finally agreed to let Miss T use her third eye to observe a higher civilization in the Cygnus constellation of our galaxy.

The higher intelligent beings of that constellation seen by Miss T looked similar to humans in appearance. They had two eyes, two nostrils, a mouth, two legs, and two hands; however, the palm had only three fingers with one finger larger than the others. There was a protrusion on their forehead like an antenna and no feet could be seen.

Their actions were very fast, and so was their speech. They seemed to be talking to themselves constantly or in communication with others. The technology of these aliens was far superior to that of humans on Earth and they had also frequented Earth previously. Miss T’s master pointed out that the position of the planet where this higher civilization was located was at 32 degrees in declination of Cygnus. It was the planet of a star at 20 hours and 19 minutes. 

However, the alien world seen by Miss T alone through her third eye could not convince others. More independent proof was needed. Therefore, Professor Lee went to the Institute of Human Science at the China University of Geosciences in Beijing and worked with another Chinese scientist, Professor Jin-chuan Shen, and a woman with extra-sensory capabilities, Chu-lin Sun, to repeat the experiment. Currently, Chu-lin Sun is probably the most well-known individual in China with supernormal capabilities.

Professor Lee showed Sun the constellation chart and asked her to use her third eye to observe the same alien civilization in Cygnus. In less than two seconds, Sun said: “This alien should have two antennae on its head.” She checked again to confirm, but then the alien blinked and one of the antennae sank into the head.

At a later time, Professor Lee asked Miss T to repeat the experiment. She saw that her master was talking with an alien and there were indeed two antennae on the alien’s head, only that one of them would extend and retract from time to time. The master later told her that the antenna was for receiving messages and was put away when not in use.

Although both experiments are anecdotal in nature, the two subjects reported consistent findings. Miss T needed the help of her master to make the contact, but with Chu-Lin Sun it was different. She did not need a master. She was able to travel the universe by herself and make direct contact with aliens. It showed that her supernormal capabilities were quite strong.  

Starry night shot, beautiful universe constellation filled with stars, galaxy and nebula.
Chu-Lin Sun was able to travel the universe by herself and make direct contact with aliens using her supernormal capabilities. (Image: PixelParticle via Dreamstime)

The incredible Chu-lin Sun

Professor Si-chen Lee collaborated with Professor Jin-chuan Shen and Chu-lin Sun for several years and published a book called Is It Extraordinary Power? Or Potential? They did a variety of rigorous human science research experiments with Sun. Not only were there many detection instruments, but all the experiments were also monitored by audio and video recordings.

At first, Sun only had the abilities to read with her ear and see through objects. In order to complete Professor Shen’s various rare and unprecedented experiments, she continued to train to improve her abilities and has so far developed more than 60 special capabilities, including using her mind to make the rotor of a radiometer reverse quickly, making the hands of a quartz clock stop, breaking through barriers of space, slapping a button through a countertop or into a bottle, moving a button with her mind, and getting pills out of a sealed bottle.

Her more amazing capabilities were that she could hasten the opening of flower buds, make all kinds of seeds germinate and grow leaves instantly, turn a large green apple into a red apple within a few minutes, and then from the red apple back to a green apple. She could even make fried or boiled plant seeds of all kinds come back to life.

During the experiments, she used her mind to communicate with the plants. That is, she was able to communicate with the spiritual beings. The plants would pour out all kinds of emotions and wishes to her. If the communication was not good, the experiment would not achieve the anticipated results.

Once, Professor Shen gave Chu-lin Sun three red beans and asked her to sprout them instantly. Sun communicated with the beans by chanting silently “green beans, green beans, sprout quickly.” The beans sent her a message: “Wrong! Wrong!” She didn’t get it at the time and sent a message to the beans: “What’s wrong?” The beans still said she was wrong. Then it dawned on her that the objects to be sprouted were red beans and not green beans. She had called them by the wrong name. She immediately corrected herself and chanted “red beans, sprout,” and the red beans really sprouted.

There was another time when Sun communicated with a plant and the image of a seed appeared in her mind. Quite a long time passed, but the seed still showed no change. She asked the seed why it did not germinate. Unexpectedly, it sent her a message saying that it did not want to do so and needed to rest.

Sometimes, Sun would feel like she and the target were like one during the experiments. For example, once while Sun was opening a flower bud, she felt she was diving into the heart of the flower and slowly communicating and integrating with it. She gradually became part of the bud. In some other experiments that Sun had done, such as making a button or coin move without touching it, she also had the same experience.

Macro close-up of the petals, folds, patterns and pollen in the middle of a peach colored rose opening to the sun on a summer day, Australia.
Once while Sun was opening a flower bud, she felt she was diving into the heart of the flower and slowly communicating and integrating with it. (Image: Terry Wratten via Dreamstime)

During her experiments on seed ripening, regeneration, and germination, Sun discovered an important phenomenon, that is, when she used her consciousness to ripen the seeds, a substance — perhaps a message or energy — spiraled outward from the center, fast or slow, sparse or dense, and loose or tight at times. The place it went through would produce obvious changes.

As it turned, the seeds ripened from the inside to the outside. This process of accelerated growth and maturation is called “forward spiral change.” When she did the rebirth experiment, such as turning red apples into green apples, making fried or boiled peanuts or other beans sprout, the substance spiraled from the outside to the inside of the target. This process is called “reverse spiral change.”

This forward spiral change and reverse spiral change are very consistent with the transmission characteristics of the torsion field. When its speed exceeds the speed of light, not only can it be transmitted to the future, but also to the past. Chu-lin Sun also applied the principle of reverse spiral change to turn back time to heal people.

In one of her TV interviews, a Japanese professor from Tokyo Denki University introduced a child to the show. The child was 5 years old and had a tumor in his head. Sun turned back time for the diseased part of the child to when he was three years old and did not have the tumor in his head.

Many people wondered if the tumor would grow back again. Sun explained that it depended on his diet and lifestyle. If his diet was not restrained, it was possible that the tumor would grow back. But if his physical body changes with a better diet, then the treatment would be successful. From the above example, we can see that Chu-lin Sun has entered the immaterial space-time, communicated with the spirits, or borrowed energy from the spirit world to do so.

Professor Si-chen Lee once had Chu-lin Sun do an experiment of punching a hole in a coin. She described the exact process she used in completing the experiment. First, she said, she entered into a void, feeling as if she was in another space-time. A scene appeared in front of her where a fist was holding a coin. Then the fist vanished and the coin appeared. The image was not stable at the beginning. When it became clear, she focused her thoughts on punching a hole.  

Amplification of 1 yuan coin details showing the Great Wall of China.
Professor Si-chen Lee once had Chu-lin Sun do an experiment of punching a hole in a coin. (Image: Hanbaoluan via Dreamstime)

As her concentration reached a certain extent, a transparent crystal-like hexagonal rod appeared. She continued to strengthen the thought of punching a hole. Then a round tip suddenly popped out from the end of the hexagonal rod and punched a hole in the coin with a pulse-like “dong” sound. When the hole was punched, her brain felt a crash as if the image was about to be shattered. When Sun opened her hand, there was a hole in the coin. Isn’t it amazing? Anything is possible in the spirit world.  

The ability to communicate with the spirit world

Mr. Lin, the general manager of a small motor company in Taiwan, started to practice meditation to improve his health. He recovered after a period of practice, but he continued to meditate. During meditation, he saw a very unique design of a generator in the spirit world. He followed it to build an eight-trigrams generator. While a normal generator has four electrodes, the rotor of the eight-trigrams generator, designed in accord with the ancient Chinese diagram known as Luo Shu, has eight electrodes.

Theoretically, a generator is driven by the motor to generate electrical power for the load. Mr. Lin, in collaboration with a university professor for the project, found that when the eight-trigrams generator was in a certain range of operating frequency, the power output of the load was higher than the power input of the motor. They were puzzled by this and went to the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan to report the result in the hope of seeking financial support for further research.

Unfortunately, they were told it violated the law of conservation of energy, which states that the amount of energy is neither created nor destroyed. In the end, they consulted Professor Lee who thought it was related to the effect of the torsion field cutting through space-time to produce a similar superposition of torsion field vectors. His conclusion was based on the fact that Tesla had already designed a non-gasoline motor in the 1890s. The car directly generated electricity for its own operation, which obviously also violated “the law of conservation of energy.”

Later, many people tried to imitate Tesla’s work and apply for a U.S. patent, but they were rejected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office because they could not explain the source of the energy. Professor Lee thought that the eight-trigrams generator design was actually a structure of a torsion field generator.

As was mentioned in Part 1, the torsion field can penetrate into the immaterial space-time and bring the energy stored inside to the material space-time, which would allow a generator to produce more energy than the input energy because this generator is taking energy from the immaterial space-time. Therefore, Professor Lee suggested that Mr. Lin do a real road test to verify whether there was really a “space-time energy extraction” for the eight-trigrams generator.

Mr. Lin and his team first used the standard battery of an electric motor car. When the voltage dropped to below 49 volts after 40 km of road running, they connected the eight-trigrams generator to the battery for recharging. The result was that after recharging, there were still 55 volts in the battery after 80 km of road running, which meant that the car could continue running without charging. That is to say, the eight-trigrams generator allowed it to run twice the distance as compared to when a normal standard battery was used.

Let’s turn back to Nikola Tesla. He had invented more than 1,000 items in his life and could easily have been the richest man in the world, but he chose to give up his patent on alternating current. He had created wealth for many, but he was penniless and in debt before he died. 

People say he had reached a very high level. It does not only refer to his intelligence and ability, but also his character, spirituality, and realm so that he was able to communicate with the more microscopic life of the spiritual world, including electromagnetic particles.

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