What Vegetables to Plant in August

A young couple harvesting from their garden.

Planting vegetables is not just a healthy hobby, it is also a good way to source fresh and healthy produce. (Image: Arne9001 via Dreamstime)

For most home gardeners, choosing what to plant in August can be a complicated decision to make. Knowing what vegetables to plant is extremely important since, due to the hotter season, not all types of plants can survive.

Planting vegetables is not just a healthy hobby but also an excellent way to source fresh and healthy produce. In addition, eating directly from your garden can be a great way to keep the family healthy and give everyone something to look forward to.

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If you already have a garden in place or plan to set up a garden this summer, check out our list below of the best vegetables for the summer.

Vegetables to plant in August

Vegetables are a great way to keep the family healthy. Aside from salads and other recipes, the good thing about vegetables is that they can also be used in juicing along with fruits.


Arugula is popular in salads and can be used for many recipes. Its bitter solid taste gives a unique flavor profile to its dishes.

Classic salad with pear, arugula, shaved Parmesan cheese, and walnuts drizzled with olive oil.
Arugula has a robust bitter taste that gives a unique flavor profile to the dishes it is used in. (Image: Robyn Mackenzie via Dreamstime)


Beets are an incredibly fast-growing vegetable and an excellent choice for home gardeners who can’t wait long for the vegetables to grow.


The good thing about broccoli is that it can be harvested twice per season since it grows fast and can be planted early. However, gather your broccoli before the flowers bloom since this could leave a bitter taste.


Cabbages are great for coleslaw and other salads. Planting cabbages is pretty easy, and it is a great vegetable to plant for beginners.


The summer can’t be complete without planting carrots. Aside from being extremely versatile, they are also highly nutritious, easy to grow, and fit almost any recipe.

Carrots are one of the best vegetables to plant in August.
Carrots are highly nutritious, easy to grow, and fit almost any recipe. (Image: Kondratova via Dreamstime)

Herbs to plant

In addition to vegetables, several herbs are suitable to plant in August. Planting herbs is a great way to improve whatever recipes you’re already familiar with. In addition, herbs help bring out the flavor of your dishes and are a great way to upgrade your cooking.


Basil is famous in the culinary world, with uses for dishes ranging from pasta to pizza toppings. This herb gives your kitchen that Italian flare to help you cook better quality food. 


Contrary to popular opinion, cilantro isn’t an exotic herb, although it is prevalent in Asian and Mexican dishes. Aside from its taste, cilantro is popular for helping lower blood sugar levels. 


Dill is a very versatile herb that can be used with more than just salads; it can also be used to enhance chicken or in soups. In addition, Dill grows fast and can be harvested whenever needed. 


Rosemary is a member of the mint family and is a great companion for meat ranging from beef to fish. In addition, Rosemary is an elegant culinary herb that can add that extra flare to your steaks, roasted chicken, or sauces.


Aside from being a great addition to the kitchen, oregano acts as a natural pest repellent and helps protect your garden from unwanted critters.

Closeup of fresh oregano growing in a backyard garden.
Oregano is an excellent addition to the kitchen. (Image: Marshall Turner via Dreamstime)

Tips for planting vegetables in August

Due to the rising temperatures, planting in summer is all about the water. Therefore, home gardeners should water early and strive to water better and not water more.

Instead of increasing how much water your plants take, make sure to avoid watering the leaves and water the soil instead. One way to do this is by proper mulching and ensuring that the plants are adequately fed.

If you’d like to give tips or first-hand experience on growing the perfect August vegetables, leave a comment below and share your experience with us.

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